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    HGSS Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    I could see, perhaps, an interesting choice when it comes to Kanto and the RSE legendaries. Maybe Groudon and Kyogre have a rematch at Cinnabar (threatening to make the volcano erupt from the power of their battle?). With Rayquaza snoozing back in Hoenn, it's up to the player to catch/defeat...
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    My Platinum mixed team

    I think the issue is more of the Sunny Day/Rain Dance split. Typically, you can't afford to do both on a single team. You'll want to decide which one serves you better in a battle with your team... I would actually go with Sunny Day rather than Rain Dance, considering your team.
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    What type of Pokémon gamer are you?

    I'm basically a casual Pokemon gamer. I like EV training (in most cases) during the game and to battle friends, but I must admit I prefer using my favorites more than simply going full-bore into being competitive
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    Breeding & Egg Move Chains Help/Discussion Thread - Egg Moves list & FAQ in 1st post!

    Thanks for the assist, I appreciate it. I should've looked a little closer at the egg groups, so my bad.
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    It ain't bad... not the greatest thing in the world. Decent stats. Kinda annoying to even find a Feebas (easy compared to finding a Shiny, however) in RSE, and I never did find one myself in Platinum (I had to trade to get one). Because of that, I basically consider them over-rated. I'm not...
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    What will you do differently?

    What will I do different? Let's see... -I'll choose Cyndaquil for my starter, instead of Chikorita. -I won't use a flying type early on. -No Geodude! I'll get a Phanpy if I can. -Train an Oddish. -KO every Sentret I find. -Use Natu! Poor flying/psychic needs more usage.
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    Favourite Pokemon Game?

    GSC, and then the fourth gen are my favorites. Overall, Silver was my favorite game, with Crystal and Platinum following closely behind. I doubt I'll go the same route I did in those games when HG/SS comes out, but it'll certainly be fun to see the changes and if they'll change how I think of...
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    Pikachu Evolution

    Hope not. I mean, it might be possible, but it's very unlikely to happen, considering that Pikachu's pretty much the flagship pokemon of the entire series. Not unless they plan to supplant the electric rodent from his perch upon Ash's shoulder, anyway. Pikachu's pretty much gonna be stuck...
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    Why do so many people hate the 4th generation?

    The only real issue I've had with the pokemon games (not just the fourth gen) is the number of seemingly-'useless' electric pokemon in the early-to-mid game. Plusle, Minun, Pachirisu, basically. I understand that they're basically fillers, but I can't help but to think that just giving up the...
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    Breeding & Egg Move Chains Help/Discussion Thread - Egg Moves list & FAQ in 1st post!

    Okay, I'm having trouble figuring out a breed chain, so I'm hoping for some help. Without using TMs, I want to chain breed both Sludge Bomb and Energy Ball onto a Bulbasaur. I've figured out individual chain breeds for both already: Sludge Bomb...
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    ~*~ HG/SS Speculation / Idea Thread 2.0 ~*~ [READ THE FIRST POST OR ELSE]

    A few things. One, I hope they shift the locations of several pokemon. Houndour needs to get their butts back over to Johto someplace (I could see them being found after Ecruteak, or maybe just before arriving there for the first time). The Growlithe and Vulpix (versions exclusives still...
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    HGSS Legendary Pokemon Discussion

    One thing I'd like to see are special held items for the runners- Equip it to your lead pokemon and go to a certain route that might be close to Ecruteak or something, and the runner will appear. Otherwise, it'd be the standard runner-stuff. The beasts should be level 45-50 (probably 50), and...
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    What do you NOT want to see in HG/SS?

    What do I not want to see? Honey Trees: Nice idea, honestly, but not the best execution. Making it timed was pretty horrible if you wound up forgetting about playing the game for a day. Exclusives in Bug Catching Contest: Yeah, there's no need for it. You've already got exclusive bugs...
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    Gym Leaders / Elite Four Discussion

    The Gym Leader's Pokemon would obviously be influenced by what is available in the Johto-dex. With that in mind, and with minimal guess-work as to which pokemon from 3rd and 4th generations might make it in, here's my guess for the Gym Leader and E4 teams. And yes, I also agree that the levels...
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    Need help improving team.

    Knowing the natures and abilities of the pokemon would come in handy, but I'll just go off what I can think of for the attributes of the pokemon you're using. Okay... First off, on the one I'm most familiar with. Luxray has a higher Attack than Sp.Atk, so you'll likely do more damage with a...
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    This is my ingame team. Need help fixing it.

    Well, I should ask. Are you planning on using Tropius as an actual part of your team, or just as an HM-slave, basically? Most of the HM moves are not very useful, other than Surf and Strength (and the latter is debatable). Also, I'm not especially skilled at movesets and such, so take what I...
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    Pulling a team together, please assist

    Hm... True, Altaria would have the stronger Ice Beam before STAB is involved. I'll have to hold onto the Froslass for later usage, then. I forgot to add Gliscor's moveset, unfortunately, which I have now remedied. It doesn't have EQ, unfortunately, and I don't think I have the TM yet either...
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    Pulling a team together, please assist

    My team is being put together before I even have my seventh badge in Platinum. As such, I've been trying to work with I can find in-game for the most part, and I'm only using pokemon that I can find in 4th gen's pokedex (before the national 'dex). As a result, none of 'em are truly EV trained...
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    what will you catch frist

    I'll go with a Starly. I always liked the early birds.
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    Hi again

    Yes, I believe I do remember your SN. Unfortunately, I've forgotten a whole lot of what I used to know about playing the games competitively. So, I'll be around a bit more to re-learn a lot. And thanks for saying hi. ^_^