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    Ok, I hope this is the right forum to post it on, but I was playing Mysterious Dungeon this morning and it accured to me. Some pokemon really shouldn't be a certain gender or genderless. My main thought was about Chikorita. I don't know if it's possible to get it in the game when choosing...
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    Question about Mystery Dungeon (Blue) and Pokemon Toreuze/Trozei/Link

    On the mainpage of Pokemon Mysterious Dungeon, it reads: How is it possible to connect Blue MD and Torouze?
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    Question about surfing and/or fishing

    On the internet are a lot of walkthroughs with Pokemon locations accessable, however most of them only include the regular walking and surfing Pokemon. However accurate fishing guides aren't findable Seeing I'm catching my Pokemon at the first possible location from Pallet Town onwards and in...
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    Game Move Set Difference

    Ok as most of us know, there are two different move sets between the games You got the Ruby / Sapphire / Emerald / Colosseum and XD move set and the FireRed / LeafGreen Move set. So now I'm making a list containing the 4 strongest moves the pokemon can learn by leveling up However do to...
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    Question about Gameboy Doduo Tower

    Hi, when your in round 2 off Pokemon Stadium 2 and you've beaten the Gym Leader Castle, shouldn't the GS Gameboy Doduo tower been released Or is that false info and is there someother way too unluck double/quadriple speed for GSC? Thnx