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    Will gen 8 age well for future players?

    It may be annoying enough to say have to deal with DLC, but at least current players have something. On the other hand, players in decades to come may suffer more. For example, trade Pokemon have kind of aged poorly for those who don't have friends with the opposite game of their old out of...
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    What will the "Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl" arc be like?

    How will the manga handle the return of the Sinnoh Trio? Will it be better than the FRLG, HGSS and ORAS chapter handled the return of their region's protagonists? What are some things you hope they do with the Sinnoh Trio?
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    Was there anything different about older copies of FireRed and LeafGreen?

    I very clearly remember on my old copy of LeafGreen (which was a copy that had parts of Pokemon descriptions on Pokedex cut, like Pidgey was "tiny Pokemon" instead of "tiny bird Pokemon) that the item next to the tree in Viridian was a Pokeball rather than a Potion. In fact, I distinctly...
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    So why have the English dub of the anime and English translation of the manga never evolved?

    Most anime and manga dubs and translations today tend to differ than decades ago. Changing names, and for anime cutting off or altering segments, no previews, replacing the Japanese openings and credits with English (often generic) ones, changing background music among other things have fallen...
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    What region would you like to see in 3D?

    Given Hoenn and Kanto got 3D remakes, what other region from the 2D and sprite era would you want to see in 3D?
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    Anyone else find the concept of "canon" among the fandom regarding the Pokémon games to be self serving?

    Anyone else think "canon" is overrated? Like many people try to argue say that the canon starter of Red is Charmander (not everyone's favorite is the Charmander line) or that one game is more canon than the other (like I personally like Ruby better than Emerald, so I'd not want to say the third...
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    Why do you think switching protagonists will not make the show better?

    I often have read of people wanting Ash to leave and thinking the show would be better if they switched up protagonists for each generation. I am not personally into the Pokémon TV series, but would like to see what the other side thinks, namely that keeping Ash as the main character has been...
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    How have the opinions of the Pokémon fandom changed over the years?

    Regarding anything about the franchise? Whether it be what games the majority considered best or anything be it related to games, anime, manga, cards, etc. Have some unpopular or outright hated aspects become beloved over time or have some things that were once hailed by the fandom have not aged...
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    Which is the better sequel?

    Do you think GSCHGSS (sequel to the Gen 1 games and FRLG) or B2W2 (sequel to BW) are better as sequel games? Why? What do you think of each as sequels? Do you think they connect well to their prequels? Would you like Game Freak to make more sequel games? Which would be a better model for Game...
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    Do you think it ethical to sell Pokémon?

    I mean in real life. I have been finding stories of people selling like shiny Pokémon or even rare Pokémon among other things. And I think there are others but what do you think? I personally would not spend money on data that I might not be able to keep forever and I never would have imagined...
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    How can you utalize Unown competitively ?

    Given it only gets Hidden Power as well as a struggle. And has not the best stats. How can you use an Unown competively? For instance, if you have Normal type Hidden Power.
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    Was your rival in Gold, Silver, and Crystal always intended to be the son of Team Rocket's Boss?

    The gen 2 rival has certainly been established as the son of Giovanni, what with the hint in FRLG and the chapter of the same name in the Adventures manga. And confirmed in the HGSS event. And adaptations like Generations have continued to affirm this. However, in the original GSC games, there...
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    What do you think the plot of the current Sword and Shield arc will be like?

    What things do you think will be incorporated from the games? Will Rose be the main villain? How about Sordward and Shielbert? Will either be more evil than in the games? How do you think the rivals will be developed? How do you hope the arc will end? What things do you hope will be done? What...
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    Should Game Freak focus on gameplay or story?

    Should Game Freak focus on the story (like in Pokemon BW and SM) or should they focus on the gameplay, like improving graphics, mechanics, and build up the region?
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    Do the regions feel different in 3D compared to 2D?

    Given both Hoenn and Kanto, originally both 2D in Gen 3 and Kanto back in Gen 1 and 2, and later in Gen 4, have been remade in 3D with both ORAS and LGPE respectively, how does the feel of the regions differ playing in 3D from 2D? Would you want Johto, Sinnoh, and Unova in 3D?
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    Is it normal for Game Freak to favor Kanto and gen 1 Pokémon? After all they'd have a soft spot for the original region and Pokémon they created.

    Especially given how uncertain the success of the original games were. How they went through lots of pain making them. And I think even once almost got the game accidentally deleted. So they'd naturally favor them the most considering all they went through even if some newer generations of fans...
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    How can you transfer Pokemon from a gen 3 game to a gen 7 game?

    If you have a gen 3 game, how can you transfer a Pokemon to a gen 4 game, then to a gen 5 game, to a gen 6 game, and to a gen 7 game? What is each step you must take it complete the transfer? I think it is easy to get to gen 4 but 5 and 6 are harder. So what process would you use assuming you...
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    Professor Oak's grandson is not that bad a person.

    Many in the fandom tend to think of the rival in gen 1 and FRLG as a bully and a jerk. However, he really does not do anything that bad. He comes across as arrogant but really all he does is challenge the player to battles and act cocky. The closest you could argue is that he does not help you...
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    What are ways you have been able to maintain your old cartridges?

    Like changing the battery so you can continue to play and save new games. Or trading to get unavailable Pokémon. How do you maintain your old cartridges?
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    Bulbasaur is not the easiest and Charmander is not the most difficult in Pokemon Red and Blue.

    The thinking goes that Bulbasaur is easy mode and Charmander hard. However, a closer analysis shows just the opposite. I am going to focus on gen 1 as opposed to FRLG. So things may be different. Basically, the thinking goes that Bulbasaur will easily sweep Brock and Misty's gym, Squirtle will...