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    The Ghost Face-Off

    Ghost Face-Off Hi! Welcome to the Ghost Face-Off! My first Face-Off. Here are the rules: 1. Follow all FO, and SPPf rules. 2. Do not Double Post. 3. No E-Voting. 4. Tallyist's Choice is legal. 5. Do not flame, or troll. 6. Do not spam. 7. Voting limits are almost different in each...
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    I need to watch all Pokemon episodes!

    Okay, I'd like to see every single Pokemon episode from, episode 1 (indigo league) till the latest Japanese episode... Can anybody please link me to their account or a site where I can see or download all episodes.... I have tried youtube, google,& yahoo, but sadly non of the beggining (old)...
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    Pocchama Water/Flying?

    Could Pocchama possibly be Water/Flying? We all know that Pocchama is a Penguin, and knows the following three flying attacks: * Peck * Fury Attack * Drill Peck It seems that Pocchama is a Water/Flying Pokemon... ~ Lapras_Lover
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    Do you think that Togepi is...?

    Do you people think that Togepi ;175; is a baby Pokemon? I don't think so, because "Baby Pokemon" are Pokemon that have evolutions, from previous generations... I don't know why many people think its a baby Pokemon... It does really look like one, but it just doesn't fit in the "Baby...
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    Hi, I am Lapras_Lover. I'm addicted to this site, and visit it more than 6 hours a day! Serebii.net is my homepage on the internet. I really am looking forward to know the owner of the site, and meet him/her... As many of you see that my favorite Pokemon is Lapras. This site has been my dream...