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    Would ash have been able to beat Paul's standard team?

    If this has been done before you can close this thread. I am not still trying to have people whine over this, but I am creating this because of reading the thread about could ash have beaten Takuto with using other pokemon. I don't know if Ash's strongest team could have beaten Paul's strongest...
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    why this isn't a reboot

    I am addressing a lot of post that state this series is a complete reboot/remake. I don't think that is a case for a few reasons. 1. He already knows Professor Oak (who appeared in episode 1 of best wishes), meaning he has been through the kanto region. If it was a reboot they could have just...
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    How would you feel if.....

    For the next generation the starters were different types than fire, water, and grass? I think that would be a new and interesting feel to the series. I am kind of bored with always the same three types as a choice. It would be cool to have a rock, electric, or ghost starter. Just throwing an...
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    New idea for Bios

    Serebii, did you ever think of listing the move list of Ash's current team?