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    Machamp In-Game Solo Run (Shat*, Giggles and Beastiliaity)

    Hey guys, since i finished playing X and Y. I got bored and decided to do a fighting solo run with my cousin. I decided to use Machamp since i go way back with him and since he's just a beast. I wanted to run an ultra offensive sweep set. Natures and EV's don't really matter in this walkthrough...
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    Pokemon In-game and Online Team

    Hey there! Currently trying my hand at the XY OU metagame for the first time. I have a team build here, but I know there are plenty of things that can be improved. Basically, I'd like it to be a balanced offense team, with Pinsir and his shiny new mega stone bringing up the rear as an end-game...
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    Pokemon X Team

    Hey guys i just got Pokemon X, help me rate my team? :) @ Mystic Water Water/Dark Ability: Torrent -Surf -Extrasensory -Ice Beam -Dark Pulse Why is his tongue a scarf? The foam he had as a Froakie/ Frogadier would be so much cooler. Dark Pulse or Night Slash, whichever's easier for you...
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    5th Gen RMT

    Hey guys, i want to restart my White 2 game and needed help with my team. I have the moves and items but i need help on how to improve it or to know if its already good enough. I've decided to ditch my starter, but just picked Tepig since i wanted "Hugh" to have a Samurott at the end. So here...
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    Renewed Pokemon Platinum Team (RMT)

    Im gonna start playing pokemon platinum over the christmas break and i dont know how to start this introduction. So im just jumping straight in to team info: Gyarados, because I feel like it. Gyarados has a large weakness to Electric and a lesser one to Rocks. Torterra is able to take hits...
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    Renewed Pokemon Emerald Team (RMT)

    Hi Guys, I've gotten very bored and sick of the 4th and 5th generation pokemon games. So, i went through my GBA box and found my emerald and fire red games. I've played leaf green 100 times, so i didnt want to follow the same story line again. So, i want to start playing Emerald. I need help...