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    Trainer Customization Thread

    I really like this feature, I am so sick of the trainer clothes. They have looked so similar since black and white (for the male trainer at least). At last I can show off my true style in a pair of beige chinos!
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    X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

    Just defeated the champion and have headed off to the friend safari! Not many friends for me to safari though... I've also been doing some chain fishing, and am now the owner of 4 shinies, yay!
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    Hurricane Irene

    So i would like to know (seeing I don't live in the USA) without reading 12 pages of thread just how strong it was and when the impacts were? Was it completely hyped up like our friend Yasi, should it have been hyped up?
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    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    no, so i guess i have to beat them first
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    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    how do I access the basement in the dreamyard?
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    The Unova Region

    Well I have to say that so far i am very disapointed with winter. Everything was the same except the trees turned blue and it was hailing in driftveil city. Even the trees in castelia city were still the same colour. There was no snow on the ground anywhere.
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    post a lie about the above person.

    has read the dictionary cover to cover
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    B/W Glitches Discussion

    not really a glitch but an annoyance; if a pokeon is being affected by a status (such as poison or sleep) when you go into the switch pokemon menu in battle you can't see what level they are. Also; 2.5 HOURS TILL WINTER!
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    The army: meet awesome people, then shoot them
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    What do you think is the man's GREATEST invention?

    the greatest invention ever - the wheel the greatest invention in modern times - the microchip
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    What forum skin do you use?

    water type skin
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    What's your stereotype?

    to every random at school: a quite nerdy gay dumb degerate to my friends: lively, extremly smart, fun, loud, wierd (in a good way) i only show my true colours to my true friends
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    my catch phrase: lovely. (i'm a big one for sarcasm)
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    Which computer os do you use?

    windows 7 on my laptop
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    post a lie about the above person.

    activated zavance whilst commiting a crime
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    Current Server Issues

    any small amount of lag is acceptable compared to the massive lag we used to get
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    BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

    well, after 4 days i finally captured an Emolga on route 5. It is the final adition to my team. We went to the Nimbas gym to challenge some trainers. Emolga gainer 2 levels. Emolga - lv.22 Panpour - lv.23 pansear - lv.23 munna - lv. 24 that one that evolves from lillipup - lv.23 that one that...
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    post a lie about the above person.

    lives on the 5th floor of an apartment building in fiji
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    BW Recent Happenings Thread (check first post: new rule!)

    well, i have had the game for about 10 days now. I chose snivy as my starter. went out on route 1 and caught a lillipup. Got to the first gym town (can't remember its name) and got the water monkey thing that i also can't remember the name of. Defeated chili 1st time. Went to the fatory thing...
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    post a lie about the above person.

    was developed by nasa at a top secret facility