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    Please rate my BF team

    So, I've finally gotten all members on my Battle Frontier team to level 60. But their movesets are kinda... Bleh. Can you please give me some critizism and tips? Swampert w/ Mystic Water Mild Nature Attacks: Surf Earthquake Ice Beam Waterfall Tropius w/ Miracle Seed Bashful Nature...
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    A coloured Paint sketch?! Blasphemy.

    Greetings, it's me again. I was ill today, which means a lot of free time. And since I've grown attached to working in Paint, I made several sketches in said program. I decided to post this one since it turned out so nice. Guess who 8D The only thing that didn't turn out well is the...
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    I can draw people who look real?! No wai.

    Greetings. Since my last thread over here was severly neglected, I decided to make a new one with a better picture. Fwee, sketchy. I made it out of boredom in Paint, but the result turned out quite nice :D And I want every single one who visit this thread to give me some critique or...
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    Learning Photoshop- Tamao Chibi

    I finally have Photoshop! Yee haw! This means that I can pester you with my bad art whenever I want to! I just have to learn to use the damn program first... This was kind of a experiment; I just fooled around in Photoshop and did a chibi. I used a ton of tutorials for this, and the result...
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    Crappy first attempt to an overshade

    I felt for trying to overshade a sprite. And I will hopefully never do it again; I hated every single second of doing it. Anyways, I want to know if it is a good first try, or if I screwed up again.
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    ...and then, I felt for doing a revamp.

    This is my first attempt to a revamp. Please rate it and give me ways to improve it. So, does it suck or not?
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    The Mystery of Yuhsuke Takeyama

    When I read Shaman King volume 5 recently, I noticed something really strange. In the battle with Faust, you can see that there's names written on the gravestones. Well, that's not very strange. But there is a name that is written on almost every stone; Yuhsuke Takeyama. And on some of his...