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    Pokemon Day - September 28th

    Sounds interesting enough, I just hope I'm able to get something... I gotta catch me a Pikachu...
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    peoples thoughts on spiritomb?

    Just looking at the thing, makes me wonder why it has speed at all...
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    Which poke is the most enjoyable to be around?

    You get yourself a ditto, then it can transform into anything! As long as you possibly got a picture of the pokemon...
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    Which Gym had the best and worst pokemon?

    Worst- Jasmine... Best- Candice, Medicham almost pwned me...
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    Gorebyss Vs Huntail

    Huntail I like better in terms of looks, but Gorebyss wins in the stats department.
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    Pokémon Nicknames

    I ALWAYS give my pokemon nicknames. Some of them have human names, some have names according to their pyshical condition. Torterra- Jaster(Was way too obssesed with Rogue Galaxy) Staraptor- Starlight Gallade- Jaster(The "Original" Jaster I was going to name Rhyperior- Kurtis Weavile-...
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    ideas for new abilities

    Imitation- Automatically copies foe's stat changes. Evaporation- Evasion increases in sunlight. Conviction- Item effect is boosted greatly, but defenses fall greatly too. Braggart- Increases attack/sp.attack stat changes easily(Like, a swords dance effect would be doubled), but defenses...
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    ideas for new abilities

    Temptation: Makes a pokemon of the other gender less likely to attack by 10% Pokemon to have it: Ah, Lopunny, Luvdisc It's like attract, but less annoying. ^.^
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    Avatars And Trainer Cards

    You could use this little do-hicky here. Make your own or go to Fan Art Requests and get some one to do it for you. I could do it if you want...
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    Another try at Spriting.

    You need some darker shade on the tail. As Nosu said, look at some real Sprites to try and help you.
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    how does pokerus works?

    *Coughs* http://www.psypokes.com/lab/pokerus.php ...
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    Why do still like this show?

    I guess I just grew up with it. I have no intention of stopping now.
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    FireStorm's Sprites

    Well, I'll guess I'll try that. Thanks! A Dragonite/Flygon Fusion. C+C please.
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    G/s Remake Pic Fake Or Real?

    Yeah... Would be cool, too bad it's fake. I want to see a GSC remake. ;.;
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    How do i get...?

    You would have saved us the trouble if you'd just check the main site.
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    (Remake) What Makes You A Unique Pokémon Trainer?

    Mostly I'd train my starter more, though the other ones in the party are still trained.
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    FireStorm's Sprites

    Yeah, this is my first time making a sprite thread. Some of you may remember me from my very old Sprite Request Shop. Well I finally gotten over my nervousness and decided to take some constructive Critism from experienced spriters over at SPPF. Thank You. Revamps Devamps Fusions...
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    stealing from the battle factory

    I don't think you can steal Pokemon from the Battle Factory... Besides if we could it would encourage the little kids playing the games to steal things.
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    Erase A Pokemon

    Maybe Qwilfish too... Never really was too fond of it. Also, it may not be a Pokemon but, something I want to erase none the less. Sand Attack... Used constantly by the Pidgey Family, it annoys me so.
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    (Remake) What Makes You A Unique Pokémon Trainer?

    Ever since my First Pokemon game, the first Pokemon I caught and are in my party, STAY IN MY PARTY, untill I beat the game. I only switch for HMs and things. Though that might change in D/P. Like if I catch a Ralts during Ruby(Which I did) that Ralts stayed with me untill the Elite Four. So all...