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    Brazilian Poké-Team.

    Brazilian Poké-Team. After the Asian-theme team, what about a team with some relation with Brazil? :D The only one I see some resemblance now is Hitmontop (Capoeira[a Brazilian street fight] fighter). Maybe Infernape, but just because of the "BARILIAN IS GRAND" joke. Maybe something with...
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    Pokétore and shinies

    Pokétore and shinies click click Not-so-good translation: Sorry about the strange translation, but could someone with D/P test that 'wtf'-but-still-nice feature?
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    Rate my Pearl team

    This is my after-E4(and wi-fi) team. Any suggestions are welcome(well... maybe not): Jibacoil Trait: Magnet Pull Nature: Bold/Calm Item: Leftovers/Beautiful Skin(lol) ~Thunderbolt ~Electrolevitate ~Hidden Power - Ice ~Tri Attack/Thunder Wave/Explosion LOL UFO! Thunderbolt for STAB...