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    That last episode of G Gundam...

    does anyone know the quote of the attack Domon and Rain used in the last part of the final episode? I thought I saw it in someones sig but i don't remember if it was here or not.
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    Your first episode

    I've always wondered what peoples first episode was for Pokémon. Mine was Problem with Paras. I'm glad that that episode is On Demand.
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    My version of Sapphire's (the girl in the manga) team

    Like I said, this is Sapphire's Pokémon team. Also this is a future team so treat them as Level 100. Chaka (Blaziken) Sky Uppercut/Brick Break Blaze Kick Overeath/Rock Slide Earthquake Tororo: (Tropius) Sunny Day Solar Beam Synthesis Leech Seed Ronono: (Aggron) Earthquake Rock...
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    Does anyone...

    I was wondering if anyone had the same birthday as a character from the manga? Me and Sapphire do. Which is cool cause I like Sapphire.