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    what do people eat?

    mmmm thats good grilled zigzaggoon with a side of pigdey soup
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    Favorite Pokemon Cry

    Milotic's cry is the best for me
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    Flamethrower or Fire Blast

    flamethrower is better so is t bolt, surf and ice beam the strength of fire blast just isnt worth it
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    Do you think the Regis all have magnetic properties?

    i would say so though im not really sure
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    Futuramagirl's Brilliant Shop

    uhh you didnt give a link how do i put this in my sig?
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    In honor of Serebii...

    why did you post this its just spam
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    Futuramagirl's Brilliant Shop

    hello i would like to order a TC with: the name as V the ruby boy as the trainer the hoenn set of badges the volcano backround the pokemon (in order of how i want them to appear) groudon, rayquaza(shiney if possible) kyogre, mew, dragonite and mewtwo could i also have a defence deoxes...
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    Have you ever felt like a Pokemon?

    probably a mix between unknown and alakazam because i am mysterious and can keep secrets for life but am also pretty smart and have some power to back it up
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    Fake Eeveelutions

    wow i love your stuff Majiceon is my favorite and legendoffire it doesnt matter it isn real
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    Arctic Blue Has Pencils. ^^

    these are all pretty nice i like the ghost/grass thing
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    Larvitar, Pikachu and Eevee done in Photoshop

    what is that pikacu so sad about lol anyway good work and i love the eevee
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    Art of my Team. ^^

    wow i really love your artwork it is amazing! i hate my sceptile but you made yours look so nice. your alakazam and flaron are also great keep on drawing!
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    stuff i've drawn

    mmorpg= (massive multiplayer online role playing game) i really like the pics especially the first landscape and dairuga anyway keep up the good work :D
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    Free Wallpapers for you!

    wow theese are really very good i like the first one the best
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    A drawing I did out of boredom.

    thats pretty cool i like it
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    ..:::MunchlaxMans Shop:::..

    six days and you havent made my statue. you made mew monster20 a blaziken statue in 5 hours
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    How Many times did you play your game over?

    emerald:once fire red: no times lol sapphire: about 4 times
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    Hoenn Starters- Super moves?

    how is it that before i found serebii main site i didnt even know about the elemental hyperbeams even though i have FR S and E
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    Futuramagirl's Brilliant Shop

    uhh ive made a request that still hasnt been made