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    Practical Jokes to Play on Father Christmas

    Basically try and think of a joke to play on Father Christmas. Here are five examples: Instead of putting out mince pies and sherry, leave him a glass of water, a piece of bread and a note saying you heard he was on a diet. Leave him a note saying you've gone away and could he let the...
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    Diamond & Pearl Bugged!

    When you're upset Christmas morning because your Pokemon friends in Japan have got Diamond & Pearl to open, your American friends have Ranger and all you've got is Mystery Dungeon, think again! Nintendo of Japan has been forced to officially comfirm that Pokemon Diamond & Pearl has bugs in it...
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    Learn More...

    If you would like to find out more about the brilliant new Pokemon Ranger, then point your web browser to www.pokemonranger.com. Pokemon USA and Nintendo have set up a great website that teaches you all about the new Capture Styler, shows you the new gameplay methods, has videos showing kids...
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    Get Ranger for Xmas!

    I fancy Pokemon Ranger for my Nintendo DS for this Christmas. I have already completed Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Well over in the USA, Pokemon Ranger is already in the shops, although the UK release won't be until Springtime next year. I want an import version of Ranger. How do I get the import...
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    Ex Dragon Frontiers

    Here's some notes about it: > Most Pokemon are Pokemon Delta Species! > New special attack markers - Shock-wave and Imprison > More powerful Pokemon-ex > Legendary Pokemon Star > Over 100 cards to collect, trade, and play! Just go on to www.pokemon-tcg.com
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    Best Master Quest episode?

    Tell me what is your favourite Series 5 episode. My one was the Gym Battle with Pryce.
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    Deoxys (attack) moveset

    Deoxys (attack) moveset: Attacks: Extreme Speed Superpower Shadow Ball Rock Slide Item: Choice Band Nature: Naughty. EVs: HP = 245, Atk = 254, Def = 128, Sp. Atk = 225, Sp. Def = 185, Spd = 205
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    Perap's English Name...Revealed?

    Wow! Perap's name is Chatot!
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    What ability do you want your Fuwante/Fuwaraido to have?

    What ability do you want your Fuwante/Fuwaraido to have?
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    hitmonchan or hitmonlee

    hitmonchan or hitmonlee
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    Really rare?

    I have nine Pokemon cards but I don't know if they're rare or not. I have Mewtwo, Shiny Kingler, Blastoise, Shiny Clefable, Dark Machamp, Dark Charmeleon, Dragonite, Meganium and Alakazam. Please tell me if they are rare cards or not because I'm going in circles!
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    Level best!

    I have seen lots of your posts now and I have come across lots of people saying that they have got one or two Level 100 Pokemon on their Pokemon games. Well, out of all my Pokemon games (Yellow, Blue, Red, Gold, Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, LeafGreen and FireRed) I have got 41 Pokemon to Level 100...
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    pokemon trainer

    I lyk 2 b a pkmn trainr bcuz its fun.
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    Why can't we be friends?

    I have a problem with two of my Pokemon, Dustox and Illumise. When I left them at the Daycare Centre, the man said they don't like each other. Is it because they have Pokerus or is it because they don't have the same gender? I would really like them to get along. Do you have any useful tips?
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    Love and attention

    For Christmas I got both Ruby and Sapphire and would like to ask you a few questions. 1. Have you got any tips on how to raise my Golbat into Crobat? 2. Unfortunately I missed getting my Eon Ticket and I am a little worried about sending my cartridge away. Is there another way of getting the...
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    Language barriers

    I thought you would be interested to know that I have a French copy of Sapphire and have tried linking with and English version of Ruby. It was a complete success! We were able to swap and battle and it even translated the attacks and stats of the Pokemon. It has not damaged our save files and...
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    All by myself

    Every time I go into the Union Room, I can't see any other trainers. Can you tell me why this is?
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    I believe I can Fly

    I bumped into a Suicune but it fled. Then I looked in my Pokedex to see which area Suicune is in but when I fly to that area, Suicune has moved to a different one! How do I catch it?
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    Pick a party

    I've got a number of Pokemon that I think should go in my party but I can't decide on the final six. Which would you say I should use? I hope you can help because I really want to beat my friend. He has the strongest and rarest Pokemon in the whole school!