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    New OU team, coming up.

    I've tried some new tricks with this Team. There are some things here that you may have never seen before, but they work out rather well. I want to seewhat others think of my team. Wee Bug (Ninjask) (M) @ Leftovers Ability: Speed Boost EVs: 176 HP/252 Atk/80 Spd Jolly nature (+Spd, -SAtk)...
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    Something interesting about Pokemon Crater

    Yes, I know, Pokemon Crater is LONG dead..... BUT if you try to get to the unused page of:http://www.pokemoncrater.com, it appears to lead you to Nintendo.com now. Interesting how nintendo took the name. Very, very interesting. Its just somehting random I found and wanted to share. But why...
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    Yea, this team owns

    Edit: Crud, I moved too fast and posted this in the wrong forum, could a mod plaese move this to the competitive RMT so I dont have to make this thread again? This is a Singles team BTW One more thing, I dont recall all the EVs, but I do my best XD Metagross @ Leftovers Clear Body...
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    PBR Wifi Problems

    Is there a block for legends on a random wifi battle? Its not letting me go on wifi with my team that heas these pokemon: Electivire Magmortar Blissey Drapion Metagross Palkia I cant go on with any team with legends, when I dont have them, it works. HELP!
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    What is this symbol???

    I got a Dialga off GTS yesterday, it has a weird looking face in the bottom right corner next to Dialga, anyone know what that is? Its been bothering me for some time now.
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    The Luckiest thing that has ever happened to you.

    A Female Shiny Pikachu with a Light ball in Pearl, the Mansion Garden. Thats a 1 in 320,000 or so chance, not including appearence rate. I should be picking lottery tickets :D.
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    My Non-Uber team

    All lv.100, this is a planned team, this can be changed an unlimited amount Garchomp@Sandy Rock Admant EVs: 252 Atk/252 Speed/6 Speed Fire Fang Sandstorm Earthquake Dragon Dive Starapter@Scope Lens Admant Evs: 252 Atk/252 Speed/6 HP Brave Bird In Fight Double-Edge Steel Wing...
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    Manaphy Movie, Have U seen it yet?

    Pokemon Ranger and the Temple og the Sea just finished, did you see it? Post your comments..... Me, well, i cried at the end, i wanted may to keep Manaphy, but that wasnt going to happen This is what i will remember the movie by: (manaphy)"Love you mommy, love you May"
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    Eevee video

    If your not into love stories dont watch this! But i hightly recomend this, most of all is because ever since i found this, I have watched it every day. Well here it is: Link removed I just had to post this!
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    Pomeg Glitch?

    I ahve heard about this glitch..... what is it? And someone on these forums (I forget who) Has a lv.50 Dragonite becase of it. I know this is a D/P glitch cause i havent herd of it till D/P :p
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    How many hours have you put into a game?

    I have put over 250 hours into my Silver Version, and maby over 350 into my emerald, you can see that my silver internal battery wont run dry with that kind of playing, XD.
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    Hey You Pikachu Theme Remix

    Sorry that there is a SSB battle, it is the only place on the inernet to find the remix theme. I was going to post this in the other pokemon games section, but I would have to wait a year for my first poster to arrive, well here you go: The song ends at about 2:53...
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    What if...

    What if you got a eevee to full happiness, just about to level up and you go to Moss Rock at Night, what will happen, will it become a Umbreon, or Leafia? Or will it not evolve because the game is smart enough not to let the cicumstances overlap, and possible evolve into a mixed-up version of...
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    Fake Gardavoir

    MS Pait sucks, oh well, here is my poor Gardievor D:
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    Take a moveset guess

    What do you think movesets for pokemon in PBR (rentals) will be? If the pokemon has more forms, please post setsfor all form, not neccesary though.
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    Make your own nintendo event thread

    I made this Deleted it quickly because of exteme mis typing, many spaces =/= post spaces D: minimum 5 pokemon, and try to post wat the events about My eg. D/P Special Eggs (start as eggs) 1.Fione Bubble Water Sport Tail Glow Heart Swap 2.Bonsly Fake tears Earthquake Imitate Stone...
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    Rate my planned team

    PorygonZ@Adherence glasses Hyperbeam Zap Cannon Lock-on Psychic Dotaidos@Miracle seed Wood Hammer Leaf Storm Earthquake Stone Edge Parukia@Pearl Orb Pulse Bomb Aqua Tail Space Break Ice Beam Garadina@Spell Tag Shadow Drive Shadow Claw Pulse Bomb Land power...
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    Po..Po.. Pokegods...

    Only today a discovered th up side of a ROM... And Gamesharked some good pokemon, then I discovered... pokegods, first was first Houoh... Easy, then wild sabrinas and kogas, you can see the reason of my game freeze... I got Houoh, the pokegod came to me... I didnt save. All those wonderful...
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    Luigis old name.

    Before Luigi was known as luigi, luigis old name was ( I am only doing the quiz to see what others think) A.Mario 2P B.Power Mario C.Green Mario D.Duplicate Mario E.All of the above Vote in poll. After 20 have voted I shall declare which is the correct answer.
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    Perappu's and Buizeru's english names revealed?

    Buizeru's name was revealed as Buoysel and Perappu's name was revealed as Perap on www.pokemonelite2000.com. Can these be true?