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    Rate the sig above you

    1/10- Every time you use a Trainer Card, a baby starts crying...
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    Rate the sig above you

    8/10- Neat banner, but a smaller font would probably make it look a bit nicer. EDIT: Beaten.
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    How many Pokemon version games do you have?

    I have Blue, Silver and Emerald and will buy Pearl as soon as it comes out in English.
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    Rate the sig above you

    9/10- Neat and simple. The banner is very nice.
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    Rate the sig above you

    10/10- Beautiful, simple, awesome. Can't be better than this.
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    Rate the sig above you

    0/10- Fuzzy image, pointless links, stacked. Doesn't look far too good. EDIT: Beaten to the ground with a stick.
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    Rate the sig above you

    9/10- Great banner, very stylish. EDIT: Beaten.
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    Rate the sig above you

    8/10- I like the banner, and it's very... green :D
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    Rate the sig above you

    4/10- A bit plain, but the banners are fairly nice.
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    Rate the sig above you

    6/10- Nice banner, but it looks a bit stacked with the team under it.
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    Rate the sig above you

    4/10- Whenever you use a Trainer Card, a baby cry in agony. The banner is fairly nice, though.
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    Happy New Year - 2007!

    Happy new year!! I hope that you all will enjoy it!
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    grem is now a proud parent

    Congratulations and good luck! :)
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    All DP Sugimori Avatars Complete

    Am I the only one who thinks that the way Fione leans forward is very eerie? O.O Anyway, very nice work with the avvies, Joe. I really hope that the Arseus art will be released soon.
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    The Official Swedish Pokémon-Lovers Club v.2

    Wow, här har man inte varit på ett tag XD;; Du får akta dig för Mli, Dinaria... Vem vet vilka hemska saker som händer när du lånar ut din dator nästa gång?
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    My beloved Jumpluff on Silver. What happens when you let a five year old girl play with your GameBoy for a while? She deletes the whole game. Sure, I lost a lot more PokéMon that time, but I only care about losing my Jumpluff.
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    Have you ever seen...

    Yes. One of my closest friends looks exactly like Madarame from Genshiken. Too bad that he thinks that it's an insult every time I mention it.
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    What's your favorite manga series?

    Shaman King. It's a real masterpiece in my opinion.
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    What manga series are you reading as of now?

    I'm currently reading Shaman King, Eyeshield 21, Kimagure Orange Road and Fullmetal Alchemist.
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    Favourite type of anime villain?

    I have a soft spot for weak, goofy villains who get defeated easily. Poor things; they try to be evil, but they're just too dumb for that.