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  1. TheAlpar

    Tales of Reborn: The Six Rifts of the Heaven

    Warnings: This fic contains swearing, blood and violence. Reader discretion is advised. Author Notes: This one might take some explaining for it to make a bit more sense. This fic is a translation and adaptation of a DnD-like Pokemon campaign played a few years ago by some friends, which is why...
  2. TheAlpar

    The Wysteria Files

    The Wysteria Files Warnings/Author Notes: This is a rather odd project I've been working on recently. It's mainly a sort of documentary-styled horror fic inspired by works such as Marble Hornets and The Black Tapes. I began posting it already in other sites such as FFN and AO3, but I wanted...
  3. TheAlpar

    The Child of Thorns - A Platinum story.

    WARNINGS: This fic will contain occassional violence, blood, and swearing. -------------------------- The Waking Dawn. Eterna Forest - 6 A.M The first Light Holder got tired of running, which always spelled bad news for whoever was chasing her. She veered right and threw herself beneath a...