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    The Official WWE/AEW Thread, Brother!

    I noticed wrestling was beginning to fall off too, then I noticed it wasn't, I was just growing up.
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    The official (intelligent) rap/ hip hop discussion thread

    Ah, I remember the last Rap thread. Usually I hear "Can't spell crap with rap" or "All they talk about is booty, money, and drugs", but I haven't seen much of that. Which is good. Anyways rap is my favorite genre. I don't really have good taste, compared to you guys, but Curren$y is my current...
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    Why is The Nightmare Before Christmas so loved?

    I just assume cause it's the latest scary movie and us teenagers need an excuse to waste our money.
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    What future movies are you looking forward to this year?

    I am still awaiting for the next movie in the Resident Evil Series. Got low expectations, but it's RE so who cares lol
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    first song by your favorite artist

    Real Talk by artist Trae I used to listen to that song everyday. Still do though
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    Have you ever had to call 911?

    Hmmm, not really. Most of the people I know don't use the number
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    What do you fall asleep to?

    Usually the radio and the cool breeze of my fan xD
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    Favorite Fast Food

    Hmmm.... very tough choice.. Im going to vote for... Burger King. Burgers are too good
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    Are you tired of these Kidz Bop comercials?

    OF course. I mean, who isn't? Basically listen to the radio all day and there you go.
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    Hannah montana The movie

    loL hannah Montana period. But hey, she's making money, so she doesn't care what others think...
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    Your favourite bands / artists. -- And read the first post you idiots.

    - Trae - Z-Ro - Chamillionare - The Killers - Slim Thug - Lil Wayne (Yeah, I know) - Beyonce - Fabolous - Young Jeezy - Rick Ross - Ice Cube All of I can think of in the moment
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    Most annoying things in all of pop culture

    So far everything about it. Ones that deserve mentions are.... - Anything related to Miley Cyris (I know I spelled the last name wrong SUE ME) - Anything related Jonas Brothers - Radio Music
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    Drugs and Alcohol -- Brb getting a doctorate in LSD.

    Used to smoke weed in 9th Grade, but it was only for a little while until I got into football. That's when I choose to stop. Also now and then alcohol, but not much though...
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    NFL & NCAA Football Thread

    Ah, football is always nice to watch. A shame that the Seahawks are doing soo poorly these days. Hopefully they will win on Sunday. And if they fail, im sure the Steelers won't.
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    The Incredible Hulk - Iron Man's sexier younger brother.

    The Incredible Hulk... Great film. Plenty of action for my tastes, had it's sad and funny moments, and gotting me craving for more. Well done! 4.5/5 However, I had seen Iron Man the same day, and it wasn't up to expectations that I had. Decent movie regardless. 4/5
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    What anime series are you currently watching?

    Currently... Bleach Rurouni Kenshin Death Note That's pretty much it.
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    Who Likes Sonic X?!?!?!?!

    Not me. Dissapointing series.
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    SPPF Bishie Thread v.4

    Oh, sorry... Grimmjow Jeagerjaques from Bleach - Sk@rmory288 (05/26/08)
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    Venture Bros Season 3 Has Begun - Gentlemen, start your fapping.

    Gah, I missed the episode. When will it come on again as I am too lazy to find out myself, lol.