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    U.S. Politics 2017: So much for the tolerant SPPf

    This thread has become a massive circlejerk, wow
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    U.S. Politics 2017: So much for the tolerant SPPf

    Damn, that's a pretty terrible thing to say. I wouldn't wish covid on anyone but I guess we're beyond being civil anymore.
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    Which Pokémon Do You Want To See Return In The Galar Regional Dex?

    Bringing back a couple of Johto lines that never had the chance to shine, like: Remoraid/Octillery, Dunsparce, Stantler, Sunkern/Sunflora, and Ledyba/Ledian, would be great...
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    The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

    Three cheers for Collosseumshipping! Oh and by the way, I swear the battle sequence with Steelix was one of your best so far. Kudos. :D
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    Moveset for Blaziken?

    Oh well, we might as well re-start a thread, no? Well, firstly... 3 fire moves? Get some diversity, e.g. removing blaze kick and replacing it with something more suitable.. like thunderpunch. BTW, if you're running overheat, a white herb as an item might not be a bad idea. EDIT: 100th post!
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    The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

    I read this... and I'm starting to feel drunk. I am Astounded. This was amazing.
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    The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

    Oooh, Things on fire. I like it. teeehee. But seriously though, this was another awesome chapter. :D
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    BW Release - Ridiculous Amount of new Avatars

    Awesome!! Thanks a lot, Serebii! I call the one with Gold. :P
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    Which Starters From Each Gen/Region Will You Choose?

    - That's what she said. And... well... I chose all of the fire types. cynda ftw. No more needs to be said.
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    Anything in PMD that make you WTF?

    When you steal from a kecleon store, then run into a monster house just as you are trying to escape. -_- Then get raped by the kecleon just as you manage to finish off the pokes in the monster house. Gotta love PMD.
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    What was the very 1st Pokemon that you've known?

    My first pokemon. I think the first one i knew was... Well, my dad bought Gold version for me when I was 4. I had no idea what the random bird on the cover was... But then, I saw the intro and everything and learned what a pokemon was, and technically the first pokemon I knew was my starter...
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    Do you think Ash will meet Giovanni face to face in Best Wishes?

    There's no way theyll let ash meet giovanni. If that happens, they'll basically be ending TR once and for all, and by extension, ending the anime.
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    Toughest Gym Leader?

    I believe I agree with everyone who's abusing Whitney over here. Also, although this may seem odd, I actually found Fire red's Misty quite difficult. Meh.
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    What was your favorite new Type introduced in G/S/C?

    Dark types looked badass... at the time. Until freaking stunky came along in 4th gen and dishonored them.
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    Who did YOU choose?

    I always take the water type, so...piplup. I didn't like turtwig or chimchar anyway.
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    Your rival

    I've always named him ???, even though I realized I could name him anything when I was 12 and finished the game, 2 years later, I'm still continuing the tradition.
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    If Ash winds up with 3 fully evolved starters this gen

    Well, ash already has Pokabu and mijumaru, and at this rate he's probably going to get the other one as well. So, I think, yes, it's going to happen. But I also think it's going to be even more of a fail for Ash when he loses the league this time.
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    The Retelling of Pokémon Colosseum

    Nice chapter, bob! Just when i forgot (god forbid) about this fic... along comes your pm!!! Awesome stuff! Especially loved the horrific ideas of carnivorous dunsparce... keep on writing!
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    What about Team Rocket?

    Since Serebii made the announcement that many characters are leaving the anime, will TR still be there. IDK, since they aren't going to have an epilogue in Sinnoh.... but... what do YOU think?
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    Argh! I'm in the League!

    That moment really sucks. That and the same thing in battle frontiers. In which case I quit and then realize I lost a 20- winning streak. :(