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    The "Who gives a f about" thread

    Ever had people you know or hate rant about something meaningless, like "I bet I can beat you in "Blank". Maybe when celeberties chatter about unimportant topics like "who's going with who"? Well lets us all know what you just "don't give a f" about. Still confused? U can say, I don't give a...
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    NFL: Favorite 07 Team?

    I didn't see any threads regarding this, plus all NFL related threads involved the playoffs, Super Bowl, and the New England Patriots, so I decided to create this topic. So back to the subject, what is your favorite 07 NFL team? Don't have to explain why. You can go ahead and say Giants cause...
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    DS issue. Top screen

    Im attempting to revive my dead DS. Anyways, the problem is that the top screen is blank. When I turn on the DS, the "Nintendo DS" text flashes and then it goes white and stays like that till I turn it off. Will I have to resort to surgery (Taking apart my DS), fix it another way, or stick...
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    Nintendo DS v.s. PLaystation Portable

    Basically what the title states, with your honest opinion, what console you think is superior over the other. Im going to have to go with the PSP beacuase of it's convienince (I apologize for my crude spelling) and it's a multimedia device. Plus, in my opinion, generates better graphics...
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    PSP Issues

    This time no help for Nvidia Graphic Cards.... Anywyas, just recently, (This mourning) I got the PSP for Christmas. I went to go charge it because I knew out of expirence that you needed to charge it for a long time (Guide says 2 hrs 30 mins). After the time I disconnected the charger and...
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    Zip Programs

    I know i saw a link to a Zip Progam (Winzip for example), but it's gone... What im trying to say is that I need a link to a file opener or whatever, similar to waht Winzip does. Thanks. -The Skarm
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    Graphic Cards

    After my current issue with my graphic card, I might get a chance to purshase a new one. I went through Best Buy's Cards and theyv look very promising, yet expensive. One was $499! Who would buy that! Anyways, money is tight around the house, so I can't really go and blow $200 like that like...
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    New problem. Open Office?

    I found this program in my PC. Im not sure what it is plus, I don't know if it's a good idea to delete it. SO can some give me an idea on what this is and should I get rid of it? Thanks. -The Skarm
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    Nvidia Graphics Engine Error

    I have this game, Trackmania ESCW Nations and it looks very promissing. Although, I want to see the gameplay as good as it can get. It saysmy graphics engine is old and needs to be replaced. I have A Nvidia Vanta (LT maybe, im not sure) and it's ays I should get the
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    Netbattle Help

    Im still trying to figure out the problem. I open Netbattle and go to start battling. Sometimes the server registry is down, so I go to advanced. It then says Run Time error '62' Input Past End of file I click ok then it gets me out of the program. Can anyone help?
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    DSL Issues

    I have problems with my DSL. It's a 2wire Gateway with multiple Ehtreht ports. It was working for a few good weeks until a lighting storm came up. Now it dosen't work and the light on top of the "DSL" keeps blinking red. Can anyone help
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    The Deal With Cheating Devices

    Like What the title states, do you use cheating devices such as Gameshark on your game? Or won't get near them at all. Maybe you don't use them anymore because it murdered your game? Tell your stories here. Mine broke, but the only reason I use it is to get to Birth Island, Navel Rock, and to...
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    Ninjask, Heracross, Or Scizor?

    Like What the title states. Which one out of the 3 is the best bug pokemon? My pick is Heracross. It has nice attack and it comes with Megahorn/Bulk Up