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    Music of D/P

    You take that back! Final battle against Blue is still the best ever, not to mention Cinnabar Mansion oooo yeah.
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    The release of D/P in UK?

    Which is exactly my point, these places hardly ever do, which is why HMV sell imported CDs and sell them about £10 more than what you would expect. If it's not expensive then generally it's probably not legal to sell.
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    The release of D/P in UK?

    It's tax dodging. They don't have to pay our extortionate VAT on privately imported goods. Of course it's illegal.
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    The release of D/P in UK?

    They're not actually allowed to do that you know.
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    Secret Base Items

    Signature huge much?
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    I'm upset about the status of Bugs

    I swear by my level 100 EV'd Scizor. I find the lack of decent bug types quite ironic, as the inspiration for Pokémon was bugs anyway.
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    D/P timed events

    Same. I hated night/day cycles for this very reason, and am very unhappy that they're back.
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    New DP vid (the 3:12 one) info!

    Just that I haven't heard/seen this mentioned anywhere else before now.
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    New DP vid (the 3:12 one) info!

    Does this video mention voice chat through wi-fi?
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    New DP vid (the 3:12 one) info!

    Interesting how they've basically just upped the quality of everything visual wise. Makes the whole thing a lot more flashy, even if it is a bit of a seen-it-all-before kind of thing.
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    Elite 4 levels

    The upgraded Elite 4 idea is the best thing they ever came up with.
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    Pokemon D/P US Version Dated for Spring 2007

    Localisation of text never happens. Mom always stays to mom. It's always much more about distribution and manufacturing than translation.
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    Who will you play as?

    Girl because I am.
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    Fun's Over?

    Unfortunatly, they're all straight. :( My same-sex Pokémon are never interested in each other.
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    Evolution sequence?

    It would just be a waste of time, the evolution animation isn't important enough for it be any matter of concern.
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    Evolution sequence?

    If unfeasable.
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    Mystery Dungeon English Box arts!

    Yes and it's retarded. You don't have holes boring through your entire head where your mouth is, do you not realise this?
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    Mystery Dungeon English Box arts!

    Why do the shadows on the red box have holes in?
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    Legend Of Thunder! (003)

    Oh yeah, there we go, there's the horror we endured.
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    Legend Of Thunder! (003)

    I didn't think it was very good, the episode didn't have much substance. I hated the name Jimmy so much, and the opening song was sooo lazy (Poké Rap, come on...) Yeah, Hitmonlee had an awful goddamn voice. I suppose you could just say it's a high-pitched one. I thought the interaction...