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    Is Giovanni a Good Leader?

    Giovanni as you all should know is the Big Bad behind the constantly appearing Team Rocket organization and is heavily implied to be the Big Bad of the series in general. But his presence in the show has been minimal at best and he's hardly really done anything outside a few instances in OS and...
  2. J

    The New Fairy Tail Thread

    Well I saw that the old thread died out so I decided to revive the topic. :D Along with the new anime that came out a while ago and the upcoming spin-off let's talk about the Fairy Tail series anime, manga and in all.
  3. J

    Has the Anime Peaked?

    At this point the Pokemon anime is nearing it's 20 year anniversary. We've already reached our 5th anime series and it's likely that there could be more series to come but the real question is, if the anime's has peaked?
  4. J

    Battles you wish happened in the Anime

    The title pretty much explains it all. Are there any battles that you wish happened or should happen in the anime.
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    Ben 10 Omniverse Thread

    Remember the hit show Ben 10? Well this is the latest installment of the show. The slightly goofy character art and somewhat ridiculous plots could throw you off but no mistaking this show is definitely not as bad as it may seem. So let's discuss the latest series and it's predecessors.
  6. J

    Ironic and Convenient Moments in the anime

    I have noticed that there are usually times where an episode that airs in English is related to an episode that airs in Japanese. Just list any convenient, inconvenient or ironic moments in the anime. Examples:Trip's dominance run in the Junior Cup begins the same week where he loses in the...
  7. J

    Which Unova League Rival Pokemon is your Favorite?

    Trip's Serperior Bianca's Emboar Stephan's Sawk Kotetsu's Riolu Virgil's Eevee Please do not let your opinion of the Pokemon's trainers effect your opinion of the Pokemon themselves. EDIT: If there are any other Pokemon owned by the rivals that you favor over the above options you could still...