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    What Pokemon Will you have follow you?

    after geting the shaimen from the wifi event its gonna be my main poke in my HG team im gonna make :P i already have all of the jhoto starters by beeding the ones from Pkmn Colo and have all but No. 493 himself
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    The role of Kanto in Heart Gold/Soul Silver

    ugh , i hate the fact that all these legends are in these new games are just annoying i have every pokemon, and i only bother catching 1 of each leagond with the exception of geratina and deoxys haveing multy forms... along with rotom... and get them to max i dun bother with the dam extra pkmn...
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    if i wer to change things, TR wouldent be such the loosers thay are now...GG make them better
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    Whats the greatest thing about the Pokemon Series so far?

    i would have to say the show hase gone down connterbly ...after rewatching season 1 there are so many things hase changed and it hase gotten worse however the graitst thing thay have added sofar is a stronger roll of status conditions in the battles other than that thay focus more on...
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    Has the pokemon anime lost its touch?

    ide have to say cause of the lastest epesods that this is now addressed to kids younger age group than the orignal epesodes of season 1 , it was better when ash switched his pkmn , and thay actuly eveolved..., he nolonger battles ppl other than TR (who have steped over the welcome mat) Gym...
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    Official Platinum Shiny Discussion; read the first post.

    i jusr recentaly found a shiny gligar in the platinum battle place where u get a new battle condition each round...was odd cus i diden't think thay'd do that.. put shinys in the battle fronteer
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    New Form Speculation

    all this chat about new forms of pkmn.... the onaly ones ide like to see is pahaps new eevee evos....yea dun think so but can dream.....thinkin steal , ghost and poision ....and if anything magnizone should be regon pascific cus atm its the sinnoh version... i can see a new form for...
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    Gym Leaders / Elite Four Discussion

    i say price should get a frosslas love those things ...OH and give some Gym leader a dam quillfish the most forgotten pkmn needs some love
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    Mechanisms of Evolution

    i was reading the first few posts and many of u was dissapointed by the leafeion thing...well look at it this way eevee evolve when subjected by the uneique energy field of the stones just think ....i say the leafstone was most likely too week to provoke a transformation...and the moss rock...
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    Diamond/Pearl Help Thread (Deluxe Edition - READ FIRST POST BEFORE YOU POST)

    yea thats true, altho i am confused about somthing else like this... i got a skorupi and it evolves at lvl 40.. and it learns cross poision at lvl 50 in its pre evolved state if i got it up to 50 would it learn the move b4 it tryes to evolve?
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    Will every Pokemon have an evolution?

    by the time thay do finish makeing pokemon i hope thay all dont evolve some are as good the way thay are and i hope thay all dont get one but some are needing ones like for Kangaskhan thay sholda made a baby form and imo thay need to give male snowrunt a stone everloution pahaps ice/fire, many...
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    Pure Flying Type?

    i looked over the first 2 pages and was wondering how a fighting/flying type go weird combo...
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    Does PBR ever get hard to play?

    i have my own way of doing the neon battles its kinda like the guy above me one, except i counted it to a 4 second round hover over the pkmn ya want when your on the one u want thats count 1 at count 2 you press the button at 3 and 4 is the 2 second pin drop delay and bingo u get what u want ...
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    Diamond/Pearl Help Thread (Deluxe Edition - READ FIRST POST BEFORE YOU POST)

    was the GTS glitch fixed? as the title says ...was the cloneing glitch fixed for the GTS? just wana know
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    Are we being to selfish for a Kid's game?

    yea these games are alright the way thay are however past the 2nd gen the pokemon names have realy gone down hill......yanmega....and the entire thing about nosepass.... aswell as magnizone colda been better named and combee....ok....that dosent realy work for me for what it looks like...
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    Horrorable move sets for rental pkmn...

    countless times do i see realy missmatched move sets... like the one i saw a few mins ago, a victrybell with acid ,attract ,sweet sent and........sward dance !!!! what a horrid move pool i traind my own victrybell and gave it , sludge bomb , morning sun (move onaly obtaind in XD), leaf...
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    What starter will you choose?

    ima not gona chose any......how....well after i get one at random ima gona box it when i can n trade over me surfing pickachu after the first gym i have practaly all pokemon just missing those last 3 legonds so i plan on traden insome odd pokemon insted of catching any
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    Ubers on random WiFi, hate or love em?

    sigh... ubers its kinda sad whan ya see a whole team of them luckly being smart as i am useing a pokemon with dragon rush usaly dose the job to whipe the whole enemy team lol there fault for haveing ubers then again its nice to find a well traind team of ubers witch i almost lost to but onaly...
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    please play pokemon diamond an pearl jan. 12

    guys...wi-fi isent needed i onaly just herd about this today and al it was just dust...no free pokemon ...just dust falling at snow point city...,when i relised i was hoping i cold battle in a new weather conditsion .... but it stops falling if u go out of the aira so thats it
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    what pokemon should be on smash brawl

    yeah he has so many movs to be made use of ...but..he is onaly a pokeball relece...but i hope all 4 forms r used