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    Super Smash Bros. Thread (Read the First Post)

    Here's the thing: We ban items/stages because of the broken strategies that are done with them. Top level competitive players know these strategies and can abuse them even better than normal players because they've had immense practice with the game. The pros win tournies because they're...
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    Official Black & White Help thread (Ask your questions here)

    I beat the 7th Gym... and went to like, the underground Pyramid place in the desert... where Cheren and the statues are... but then I get stuck. There are two quicksand drops that lead nowhere, and I'm stuck on the two floors. What am I missing? :/
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    e-Reader in 4th Generation?

    There is no E-reader for the 4th gen. The best you can do is use the E-reader Pokemon Cards, get the pokemon, then Pal Park them. Edit: lol Ninja'd
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    Who still has their Old Gateau?

    Yep. Why would anyone even USE it though? Its so awesome D:
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    Why is Garchomp uber?

    "Garchomp used Swords Dance!" There goes half your team. Oh look, Chomp has a Choice Scarf instead of using an SD set? Its bound to kill something. Nothing outside of other Scarfers and Ice Shard users can outspeed it and do damage, and without a Pursuit weakness, nor SR problems, Chomp...
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    Rmt (OU)

    Oh lol I forgot the EVs, my bad. *facepalm* Yeah, 4HP/252Atk/252 Spe Also, I guess Jolly Nature could also be a choice, but it really should be tested. If you find yourself switching into Electric moves Often enough, go Adamant, if not so, Jolly IMO.
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    Rmt (OU)

    Electivre@Expert Belt Adamant/Motor Drive Thunder Punch Ice Punch Cross Chop EQ/Fire Punch Mamoswine@Life Orb Adamant/Snow Cloak 252Atk/4Def/252Spe EQ Ice Shard Stone Edge Superpower Either one of those will suffice.
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    Rmt (OU)

    X-Scissor- Base 80 Power, Gets STAB (x1.5)- Base 120 Power Bug Bite- Base 60 Power, Gets Technician Boose (x1.5)- Base 90 Power, Gets STAB (x1.5)- Base 135 Power. Just clarifying since nobody bothered. Edit: The above hath been Ninja'd :< Aerodactyl is fine. Tyranitar however, is a...
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    Mistakes on Serebii.net V2

    http://www.serebii.net/card/arceus/H11.shtml The TCG Arceus Page for the Shiny Ponyta card. It should read "Blue Fire" on the right, not "Flue Fire"
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    Most Overlooked Weaknesses

    Its not really overlooking, but for some reason I always think grass resists fighting.
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    Legends & Soft resetting - Is it worth it?

    *looks at Shiny Giratina* Yes, its worth every second of it.
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    Pokemon Game with all regions..

    Eh, heres some numbers. The biggest DS games are roughly 134 MB in size and lets assume thats as big as we can get. HG or SS alone takes like 128 MB. You can barely fit two regions into one cart, let alone 4. It'll have to wait probably another 10 years for the 4 Regions to be possible on...
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    Muslim teen is suing Abercrombie.

    Due to how the constitution lays out religious beliefs, the store loses. It's really as simple as that. Too bad court cases don't even pay any attention to constitutional rights anymore, and just who has more money wins. Don't you just love the corruption of the US court system? I'm...
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    Pokémon HeartGold/SoulSilver General Discussion Thread

    I have found that all headbutting trees are preset. I'm not sure what they're basing off of, but if you headbutt a tree with a Rare tree Pokemon in it, soft reset, then headbutt that same tree, there will once again be a rare Pokemon in it. Possibly the same for every game, possibly based off...
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    Are Legendaries Really Cheap?

    If someone is bringing Ubers into an OU/UU battle, then they probably don't know how to use them, or play competitively at all. You'll probably crush them because of the terrible movesets, etc.
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    Shuckle: Worth it?

    I'd like to point out again is that with trick Room support, you could easily sweep a good half of a person's team with Shuckle.
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    Is pokemon getting easier

    Its not that they're easier, its just that you don't have to go through the safari zone an undetermined amount of times to get, what was it, 2 HMs? That and the fact the games actually of some type of sense to them. Remember Wrap in the 1st Gen? Yea, I guess the broken gameplay is to blame.
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    Happy Birthday Serebii Joe!

    Late Happy Birthday I guess!
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    Breeding to Change the Appearance of HGSS' Egg Pokemon?

    People are missing the entire point here. If this was implemented, rather than chewing up all the data they could use for other things, these cahnges will only apply to pokemon hatched with a certain egg move. What the game would do when the egg is recieved is to check what moves the egg will...
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    What will you do differently?

    I won't name my Rival ??? I won't try to catch Lugia with Great Balls while its at full HP. I won't waste my Masterball on Raikou. I won't be stupid enough to not take the Odd Egg fo granted. I'll not kill Red Gyarados, and save. Last but not least, I'll not be stupid.