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    If at first you dont succeed...

    Wander off for a while, contemplate what you did wrong and try again. With caution ;196; ;034; ;344; ;094; ;057; ;157; - - - - Espeon(f)/Hikari - Leftovers - Synchronise - Timid - 252 Spe 252 Def 4 Sp.D Calm Mind Substitute Baton Pass Psychic In an Attempt to Add...
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    After many a year, I'm back into Pokemonz

    And I'm trying to build a Decent Wi-Fi team. Hell, just a decent team in general would be nice. Technically OU ;242; ;006; ;196; ;130; ;448; ;479; - - - - ;242; Blissey/Lily ;242; Ability : Natural Cure Item : Leftovers Nature : Bashful EVs/IVs : ? Toxic Protect Softboiled...
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    uxie, mesprit or azelf

    which is your favorite? which has the best moveset? which would you use in casual battles?which has the best stats? i dont know about what you would choose but my choice is azelf (i already have it along with a uxie and am chasing mesprit)
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    memoirs of a grunt(v2)

    this is my second attempt at my first fan fiction as zephyr flare shut the first one down after i wrote "p.s.i have not finished the first chapter and will put it up when i'm done" and i ment i had put in the prolouge but not the first chapter which i was going to put into another post i am...
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    memoirs of a grunt

    this is my first fan fiction and i hope its good so please be kind and i will welcome constructive critisism. i plan on making 20 chapters of medium length if this is not sufficiently long to cover the whole story i will make more here is the prologue the start: “Hello my name is Alexander...
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    what team did use to battle the elite 4

    what team did use to battle the elite 4 i used swampert,flygon,torkoal,sableye,plusle,dusclops, i beat all of them but then i got beaten by wallace so what did you use?
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    how do you put pics in your sig

    yes laugh (everyone laughs) but how do you do it. i appreciate the help everyone