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    Best Looking

    UThis is a Hurt and Heal type of game where your favorite characters compete for the title, "Best Looking". After all sub categories, they will be put into one huge one where we pick the best looking! Note: Some characters will fit into more than one category. Example: Koga is a former Gym...
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    Hurt and Heal Poison Types!

    This is a Hurt and Heal with the all loved Poison types. This only includes FE Pokemon (Fully Evolved) or POkemon that can't evolve. So here's the list. I will tally, no one else tally please. Venusaur 10 Beedrill 10 Arbok 10 Nidoking 10 Nidoqueen 10 Crobat 10 Vileplume 10 Venomoth 10...
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    The Champion

    Chapter 1 It was years since Hunter had battled. He's become the Kanto League Champion. The other puny Elite Four members always managed to rip the other trainers to shreds. Hunter has had no glory since 6 years! Hunter couldn't believe he makes money off just sitting here, on his throne...