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    Manga Suggestions?

    Didn't see if there was a thread like this around so I just wanted to make one. If there already is one like this or whatever, feel free to delete mods. :< Anyway, got the idea of this when I ran out of mangas to read lol. xP The point of this thread is to give suggestions to other posters...
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    Interracial anyone???

    Hey :) Wow, I haven't been to the Misc section for a while XD; But anyways... One of my closest friends recently started dating. Um, her parents never let her late before because they thought she was too young - it's fine, whatever, each parent has their own way of parenting and stuff XP -...
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    Hey Disney, Overrated much?

    Title explains it all. Want to rant about Disney? :D RANT AWAY PLZ
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    Movies turned in to cartoons? Is it worth it?

    I know there's a thread around here with the title of Movies turned in to movies, so if, by any chance, this falls under that category then by all means, close this thread mods, if not then okay ^^ Anyways, movies turned in to cartoons? Is it really worth it? Did Emperor's New School really...
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    Dane Cook, FUNNY or NOT

    I for one, find Dane Cook very funny. Every time I see him on tv or on youtube I seriously just have to start doubling over in laughter. So, I was wondering, do you find him funny? Why or why not? I know that there are the people who simply think he's retarded or just overactive or that his type...
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    Hi, I'm new!

    heh, I was actually told to go here by my cousin and already, I LOVE this website. My favorite shipping is cntestshipping and, well, I kinda just wanted to say HI! and that, I'm, well, new!