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    From old, comes new

    This is the result of combining my already existing teams. OVERVIEW Yanmega @ Focus Sash Ability: Speed Boost Nature: Timid EVs: 4 Defense, 252 Sp Attack, 252 Speed IVs: 18 HP, 10 Attack, 22 Defense, 31 Sp Attack, 6 Sp Defense, 26 Speed - Bug Buzz - Air Slash - Protect -...
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    OU sweeper team

    This is a team dedicated to sweeping. OVERVIEW And here's the details. Heatran @ Shuca Berry Ability: Flash Fire Nature: Naive EVs: 4 HP, 252 Sp Attack, 252 Speed IVs: 27 HP, 25 Attack, 23 Defense, 22 Sp Attack, 25 Sp Defense, 24 Speed - Earth Power - Flamethrower - Stealth...
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    New OU team idea.

    A new OU team I thought up. OVERVIEW And here they are. Azelf @ Focus Sash Ability: Levitate Nature: Naive EVs: 4 Attack, 252 Sp Attack, 252 Speed IVs: 30 HP, 24 Attack, 27 Defense, 22 Sp Attack, 22 Sp Defense, 30 Speed - Explosion - Grass Knot - Stealth Rock - Taunt...
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    Rate my OU team please.

    This is an OU team I'm working on. I got the movesets from the 4th gen Pokemon of the Week on the main site and put them together based on their functionality. This is my first time actually setting up a competitive team and feedback is much appreciated. Yanmega @ Focus Sash Ability...
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    Is Brock useless now?

    Watching Giratina and the Sky Warrior made me realize something. Brock is pretty much useless now. It's more focused on Ash's gym battles and Dawn's contests. Really, all Brock does is Ref non Gym battles and mentor them almost. Plus he cooks for them and is a comic relief with his girl...
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    Favourite English Anime opening?

    Which of the 11 English Anime Openings do you like? I left out the Battle Dimension one, because you can only have 10 choices in a poll. And I left out Pokemon Chronicles, because it's not really much of a song. I'd have to say the Johto League Champions one is my fave, that and Advanced...
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    Exp Share, or Exp All?

    Since the other one was closed because it was in the wrong spot, I'm reposting here. Which do you think was better? Exp Share, or the Exp All you got in R/B/Y? I like the Exp Share myself. Exp All just took too long because it did each individual Pokemon in your party.
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    First time EV training

    Alright, I finally got around to reading the guide to EV training and now I understand it a bit. I've finally made a team with fully EV trained level 100's Some of them I may have screwed up on, though. I'm not really sure about the IV's, but I used the IV calculator on the main site...
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    My Bellosom/Swampert Deck (Unlimited)

    One of my first decks since I got back into the TCG. It features Bellosom and Swampert. I also put a Mewtwo and Deoxys in because I really like them and they are pretty strong imo. Pokemon (22) Mudkip (x2) Marshtomp Swampert Oddish (x3) Delta Species (water) Gloom (x2) Delta Species...
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    Elemental Hero deck.

    Well, I kinda based this off of all my elemental heros. Monsters- (20) Magician of Faith Luster Dragon #2 Elemental Hero Clayman Warrior Dai Grepher Kuriboh The Trojan Horse Warrior of Zera Elemental Hero Sparkman Elemental Hero Bladedge Elemental Hero Wildheart Elemental Hero...
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    Just looking for some possible movesets.

    Well, I've never really put much thought into online battling, but just fighting the CPU trainers and my sis gets boring, especially since my sis put almost all her pokemon in my ranch. Anyway, I've been thinking about online battling now and recently put together a team of level 100's that I...
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    New here.

    Hey! I'm Azure Flame. I just joined today, but I've lurking around the site for a few years, ever since we started getting info on Diamond and Pearl. I was mostly just looking at news updates and looking at the Pokedexes. But I decided to join now after checking out this forum for a bit. It...