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    Rate my team please?

    My team for in game and non-competitive play with friends. Blissey @ leftovers Bold nature -wish -softboiled -flamethrower -toxic Milotic @ leftovers calm nature -rest -sleep talk -surf -(not sure about the last move) Venasaur @ leftovers calm nature -Sleep powder...
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    Favorite Genre of Music

    Well, i am sure there has already been one of these threads but i couldn't see one so i'll make one. So what is your favorite Genre? i personally am a swing person myself although i was born in the wrong decade for that to be 'normal'. oh well, what do you guys like?
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    Feed Gulpin

    so basicly, you have to post what you feed Gulpin and then the next person needs to say what Gulpin does. Then they post what they feed Gulpin and then the next person says what it does ect... so here is an example: User1: I feed Gulpin a rotton egg User2: Gulpin uses toxic I feed...
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    Pokemon Word builder

    I start a word and you need to add another word to it. then the next person adds another word and so on. please copy and paste the words your are building off so we can read the whole thing without haveing to go through every page. Don't double post, just add 1 word even if it is just an It...
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    Why are gym leaders always just standing there?

    Like in the games and anime, the leaders just sit there all day. it must get so boring. what do they do? why do they do it?
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    Stupid things you have done in your games

    What are some stupid things you have done in your games? like not accepting stuff, wasting rare tm's on crap pokemon to 'just see what they do', stupid gts trades, throwing away items. The stupidest thing i ever did was on the gts. there was a shiny shaymin on there and they wanted a mesprit. I...
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    What skin do you use on serebii forums?

    I'm not gonna make a pol because it is to long. i use the beauty skin
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    Hardest starter

    What starter makes the game the hardest. like is piplup the starter that 'sets' the game to easy (i know it doesn't actually set the difficulty, but maybe it has more advantages or something) so what one is the hardest to do the game with?
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    New claim a pokemon thread.

    I know that the 4.0 thread was closed, so i was wondering if there was a Claim a pokemon 5.0 thread. if there is can you please post a link to it. if not, would it be able to be created? i need to claim Togekiss before anyone else
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    EV's and IV's; do you really think they are important.

    Do you breed for perfect IV's? Do you spend hours EV training your pokemon? Do you breed for perfect natures? Or do you catch your pokemon and treat them like indeviduals and work with what you have? I work with what i have and do not focus on EV's and IV's or natures to much. I know the pokemon...
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    Favorite scene from any pokemon episode

    The best scene in any of the episodes is in pokeball peril in season 2 where prof. ivy jumps off her gyarados and grabs her coat and lands. can you think of any scenes that beat that? Here is the episode: http://pokemonepisode.org/episode-85-pokeball-peril/
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    Best legendary trio?

    what legendary trio do you think is the best? I think that the birds are the best. Moltres, Zapdos and that is one are awsome!!!
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    Team Help

    I need help making a competitive team for pokemon diamond. I need a 3 pokemon team and a 6 pokemon team
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    sid number

    can anyone help me get my sid number. jut post what info you need to get it and i will reply in the thread.
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    My pokemon diamond team

    My team: Togekiss lv.47 (calm nature) safeguard extremespeed metronome ancient power Arceus lv.100 (Naive nature) item: spooky plate Judgment Roar of time fly earthquake Rapidash lv.58 (Naughty nature) Overheat Solarbeam Bounce Megahorn Milotic lv.100 (Adamant nature)...
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    My pokemon team

    Luxray lv.56 (Rash nature) Roar, Discharge, Crunch, Thunder Arceus lv.100 (Naive nature) Judgment, Roar of time, fly, earthquake Rapidash lv.58 (Naughty nature) Overheat, Solarbeam, Bounce, Megahorn Milotic lv.100 (Adamant nature) Ice beam, hydro pump, recover, dragon pulse Torterra lv.84...