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    ohai Ima convictied Rapist

    INTRO Yeah so did ya hear.....No? oh well anyway this is my team that I have adapted pretty well to and I have yet to loose a battle. I have grown pretty tired of using the same OU stuff over and over and thought I would use some UUs This team is for wifi only so try to keep that in mind when...
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    Team inspired by SkyNet

    Hey everybody this is my Hyper offesne team. I got the idea from a guy at smogon whos name starts with an "s" but I can't remember, and SkyNet who also had a RMT here. Anyway for those of you who don't know Hyper Offense is like a repeated cycle of things setting up to eventually destroy or...
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    1st RMT here

    Yea well I saw this team on shoddy and instantly thought it was brilliant so I decided to cop it. Im not sure of they exact sets but I do have the same pokemon as some guy. So please don't credit me when you rate it just try to find some flaws kthanx. THE GLANCE IN DEPTH...