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    The Grand Conquering Team (5th Gen Uber RMT)

    I enjoy the Uber tier. I really do. I like seeing superpowered Pokemon going at each other's throats in titanic battles that shake the earth, flood the oceans, and overflow with power. Recently, B2/W2 came out in Japan (and the world is next), which means that the tier is about to change...
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    TR ubers doubles team

    As the name implies, this is, indeed, a Trick Room team. I like the way this team has turned out so far, but I still feel that there is something lacking with it. Plus, I can't decide on a 6th member. Here's the completed part of the team at a glance: ;385;, ;483;, ;250;, ;491;, ;493...
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    help with my doubles UU team

    I need a little bit of help with my UU team. First, I'd like help determining a 6th member, and second, I'd like help for items on a few Pokemon. Here's the team at a glance: :615:, ;128;, :623:, ;479; (mower form, help on how to post proper form), ;482;, :547: Now, for the in-depth...
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    The League of Titans

    So, you've proven yourself to be a good Pokemon battler, winning many battles against all who have challenged you. Your wins outweigh your losses, and you've grown confident in your abilities, but can you stand up to the power of the super legendary Pokemon? Then take on the League of Titans...