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    E4 farming team?

    I posted this in the B/W Discussion section but then I thought maybe it belongs in here, so here it is! I'm trying to put together a team that will get through the Elite 4 with the fewest number of pokemon and fewest turns possible (no setup, no switching). This is what I currently use...
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    Byoonie's Simple Shop d(^_~)z

    ;143;ABOUT MY SHOP:;143; All SPPf rules apply, e.g., no foul language, spamming, trolling/flaming, etc. Please use proper English, otherwise you will be ignored. I only accept & trade legit pokémon. Hacked pokémon will never be traded intentionally; we will trade back immediately if this...
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    I purchased a DS just so I could play Pokemon White! The last one I played was Emerald so I was very excited to get back into the series. I joined this forum a couple weeks ago because I was looking for people to help evolve my Pokemon via trade. There are a lot of friendly people here and I...