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    The problem with trading

    Hello all, It has come to my attention that the trading system on Swsh is seriously flawed, specifically the link trade system, this system is so unsecure that I have attempted to trade with fellow members on here, only to find that other players are randomly entering the code that was put in...
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    Next LGE/P feature?

    Hey everyone, Obviously, this isn't official, it's just a little idea I literally just came up with where we vote on the next best feature on what we would like to see in the future for this amazing game. Of course, you're welcome to provide your own ideas, I would just like to see how this...
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    Online Game Purchasing Issues

    Hey all, This is a thread for you all to post on any problems you've encountered while buying games online. Recently, I bought Defiance from Origin for £7.99 ($11.99 approx.) and I got an email from Origin saying that the purchase was successful. I discovered, after emailing Trion...
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    Dungeon Runners!

    Hey all, Yes! Probably the best Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) ever to strut it's game-y stuff on the catwalk of virtu-cool PC gaming! What was it? If you've played Diablo before, it's pretty much a humour spin off of that, where you got swords and stuff which were...
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    Good News from The News

    Hey all, This thread is for posting good news from news providers, like the BBC or whatever, as opposed to the depressing morbid stuff such as all the killings and that lot. Of course, it's important to be aware of that stuff, anyway. So, to kick it off, here's my contribution...
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    Funny pictures!

    Hey all, To liven the mood up, I've made this thread so that you can upload funny pictures! Woo! RULES (Obviously); 1. No obscene images. 2. No offensive images. 3. No images that will cause shock or fear (e.g. Warfare, terrorism, all of that silly stuff). Any images that are...
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    Serebii Pokéapp

    Serebii Pokéapp Hey all, I had the best idea for an app to use, it's one where you can refer to the Pokédex that Serebii provides to help you so that you get all the know-how. Of course, it would be from Serebii, you can change the pokédex in accordance to whichever game you play and an...
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    Best Pick Up item?

    Hey all, Recently my lvl 10 Zigzagoon (crazy!) picked up an Ultra ball from a Wild Encounter (WE). Bearing in mind, I've recently started playing pokémon again and I've started a new game on Ruby, I haven't even got any badges yet. So, what's the best thing you're Pokémon has managed to...
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    Pokemon leveling help please :-).

    Hello all ;216; , I'm sorry for sounding like a bit of a novice, it's just I haven't played Pokemon in a while and I've gotten back into it, though I remember the last time I played I struggled with some things. One of those things was leveling Pokemon. Could someone please help me with...
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    Watch in order?

    Hello, I've rewatched the first episodes of the anime series and I've been wondering - would it be easier for me to watch the episodes in order?
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    Lost Shinies..

    Hello, I had a shiny Whismur on Ruby, but because it's old, I lost the data because of the time thingy (I forgot what it was, but I read that it's because the game is Out of Date). But anyway, this thread is for those who have lost Shiny Pokemon in Ruby, Sapphire and/or Emerald :-).
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    Bluebird55's trade shop

    Hello, I have a few pokemon up for trading; Dream World: Ledyba, Pidgey, Remoraid, Lapras, Skarmory, Zubat, Delibird, Magby, Bronzor, Misdreavus, Wobbuffet, Smeargle, Spinarak, Elekid, Torkoal. Normals: Sunkern, Slowpoke, Combee, Plusle, Pichu, Haunter, Dunsparse...
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    Your Pickup/Thief stories

    Hello, This is a thread so that you can share your stories of using Thief and/or Pickup in your adventures :-). I've used Thief lots of times, I think it's very helpful but I've heard that Pickup is just as good but it's really based on chance :-).
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    Pokemon as real animals

    Do you think it would be possible if scientists could make Pokemon a reality? With the way technology is going, I think it is, what with the mammoth being resurrected (hopefully) this year, and how some companies can make 3D models just from an Projector. If Pokemon do become a reality, then...
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    Your most 'AARGH!!' moment

    Hello again :-), This thread is for you to explain your most 'AARGH!!' moment, for instance today when I've tried 3 TIMES to try and catch Articuno, only to use my ONLY MASTER BALL on it, so I restarted with more Ultraballs and a few more greatballs with my Parasect which has Stun Spore :-)...
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    Your views on ASL?

    Hello :-), Yes, I've decided to focus a little bit on the Miscellaneous Discussion :-). Anyway, what are your views on ASL? For those that don't know the term it's; Age, Sex, Location. Because I've had somebody asking this before (Not on Pokemon, obviously, but on online...
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    The moment you 'hit the wall'

    Has anyone had that? When you get to the point where you forget to train your pokemon or train just one, and you end up fighting a trainer with high level pokemon, and you end up whiting out, and you KNOW you have to level up those pokemon even though it takes a long time? I'm slightly in...
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    Is Pokemon like L-go?

    I did that in the title to avoid trouble :-). Anyway, do you think it is by it being that anyone of any age can play it? The last I heard Pokemon was played by young people in their early teens or earlier. I'm not asking for your age, I'm just asking if YOU think it's fine if an adult...
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    When playing pokemon was social

    Do any of you remember the time when Pokemon (Blue, Yellow and Red in this case) was the rage, and if you didn't play it you were considered antisocial? I remember, but I was rather young, and it's a real shame that the only place where it's accepted to play at is Japan, and they don't really...
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    Most pain in the poo move?

    Aside from the silly title, what's, in your opinion, the MOST ANNOYING move in Black/White? (Or even any other of the games for that matter ;017;) Personally I think Volt Switch is annoying if you get hit, it's non-stop swapping ;041;.