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    Which 4th gen evolution shocked you most?

    Darn it I misread the post title before! I would edit but my computer won't let me?? Anyway, I think Electivire was pretty shocking when it first appeared, I always thought Electabuzz was a pretty solid battler, and then comes an evo which turned it into a killing machine lol.
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    Which 4th gen evolution shocked you most?

    I think for me it was Hippopotas (sp?) with its bizarre cartoon eyes, at first I thought it was from a Mario game or something. Anyone else think this?
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    A movie that was ruined by a single scene...

    The ending of 'Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End' was a bit... meh. I hate the whole "ten years later" thing you know?. (I'm not sure if it WAS ten years in the film I can't remember). I was all pumped up after Will getting his heart carved out and the sea battle before it but then came...
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    If you could only have one Pokemon...

    I would have a ghost Pokemon, perhaps a Gengar or a Misdreavus. Pokemon can't die but humans can, so when I 'went' it could keep me company. We could play spooky pranks on people! Wow that was both gloomy and entertaining...
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    is it any good at all?

    This is nowhere near as detailed as the other suggestions, but I always seemed to put Thunder Wave on Jolteon, simply because of its high speed stat. I often relied on lucky paralysis to help me against more powerful heavy hitters. Perhaps that would help your Eeveelution team out, especially...