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    First RMT

    Sorry my DS is not with me right now so I cannot put my Pokemon's moves, but does this look like a good team? This is my BW main team, helps win me a lot of battles because I teach my Pokemon moves that help cover each other's weakness. Just to add, I am also new to competitive battling.
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    TP Brock

    Why do people think that the mysterious figure from the TR vs TP is Brock? It reminds me more of N! But if it was an old character, the skin tone doesn't match to Brock. In fact, it looks more like Tracey Sketchit, IMO.
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    Hello All!

    Hi all, also new here! Glad I made some friends already. I have played Pokemon SS, Diamond and White. I also beat Pokemon Snap. I mostly watch the anime.:surfpika:
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    Ash's Reserves

    Hello! This is my first post ever! Well getting to the point here, what do you think will happen to Ash's reserve Pokemon? Do you think they will return for the Unova league? Use this thread to talk about anything you want to happen to them. My hopes is for Ash to use some of his older...