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    Is there some kind of good, free antivirus I can download? If so, where can I find it?
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    Australia Day- Fourth of July lite

    I can't believe no one's made this yet. Anyway, today is Australia Day, where we celebrate the greatest country in the world and eat lamb chops. Have you fired up your barbie yet? On another note, it's Queensland's 150th birthday this year. Three cheers for the best state in the country!
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    Hold your camels close, cuz we're going into the Sahara!

    Sandstorm team. Fun. Hippowdon@Leftovers**Lethal Weapon Impish 252 Def/252 HP/4 Atk -Earthquake -Ice Fang -Stealth Rock -Slack Off Sir David Attenborugh(sp?) once said that hippo's were dangerous creatures. This is no exception. Sand Stream, sets up rocks and sits around...
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    now that i have your attention.... the image tag keeps on randomly disappearing. help?
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    free sex, clicky.

    a team built around Thunder Wave. Magnezone@Expert Belt**HR-HH Mild 88 hp/88 atk/248 satk/84 spe -Thunderbolt -HP Ice/Flash Cannon -Explosion -Thunder Wave Thunder Wave, kill some things and boom. get the reference? you're cool. TogekissF@Leftovers** Calm 252 hp/ 172...
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    this should probobly go in Tech Help but oh well. we're on a broadband plan with limited downloads (12 gig) and my (paranoid) parents have a few questions. 1. does wifi use extra downloads? 2.does trading Friend Passes use extra downloads and can you get viruses off them?
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    WHERE is the modem/router sercuity infomation in vista? if i don't find it i will EXPLODE. and you don't want that do you? :(
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    Why Ampharos Don't Have Wool?

    A team that is focused around parylzing and killing the opposition. this team is of Pokemon with low-to-average speed. no egg moves, new natures or Leftover spam please. i have'nt decided on a lead. Dusknoir@Leftovers /252 hp/126def/126sdef/ Careful nature -Shadow Punch -Fire...
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    CBgrowth. would it work?

    Tangrowth@Choice Band adamant 252 atk 100 hp 139 spd -Power Whip -Earthquake -Knock Off -Rock Slide people aren't expecting it, and this could be a monster in sunshine. could it work?
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    contains dangerous material

    rate mah future uber-busting team. REMEMBER, NO NEW NATURES OR EGG MOVE CUZ IM SICK OF BREEDING KTHX. Starmie@expert belt Timid (spd+ atk-) -Surf -Thunderbolt -Ice beam -Grass knot lead, kills Rayquaza. Registeel@enigma berry Impish (def+ satk-) -Seismic toss -Thunder wave...
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    help with starmie

    i need some help with starmie. Starmie@expert belt**death star timid (spd+, atk-) EV: 252 satk, 252 spd, 6 hp -surf -thunderbolt -ice beam -?
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    dialouge option cut out?

    did they take out the dialouge change option in the english version of PBR? i was watching vids on youtube and they all have the same lovey-dovey dialouge.
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    future diamond team that eats pants.

    i can't change pokemon and natures. i forgot my EV's too. Starmie@? modest -surf -ice beam -grass knot -recover Registeel@leftovers bashful -seismic toss -explosion -stealth rock -thunder wave Porygon-Z@life orb modest -nasty plot -tri attack -thunderbolt -ice beam...
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    friends team

    here is my friends team. please rate fast! (i know, it sucks. but help please.) mewtwo@chesto berry name:Clony brave(+atk, spd-) -strength -recover -earthquake -psychic rayquaza@exp.share name:DRAGONKING modest(+spatk, -atk) -fly -aerial ace -extremespeed -outrage...
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    just a bunch of crazy people (and pokemon)

    dropping in quick. i was bored, so i decided to make my first fan-fic. here it is: Prologue I’m getting sick of this already! It all begins in a big fortress in the south of hoenn. I lied. It actually begins in a nice, comfy apartment in littleroot town, the town that always eats ice...
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    help plz!

    i want to write a non-pokemon fic called 'the adventures of murky and neon' i also want to publish it into a book as well. tell me what you think of it: Chapter 1 One supernatural freak show “Oh great, I have nothing to wear.” A purple haired girl said. She lived in a small house. Her...
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    my bf team new and improved!

    this is my team, back from the drawing board. rate plz: swampert lv.70 quirky hp 245 att 177 def 149 sp.att 161 sp.def 142 spe 117 shell bell ice beam counter earthquake (well..i kinda used the earthquake tm on swampy because i was lazy) armaldo lv.70 hasty hp 207 att 191...
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    can you please rate my BF team?

    here it is: swampert lv.65 quirky endeavor counter earthquake water pulse hp:228 att:164 def:138 sp.att:149 sp.def:132 spe:109 item:scope lens armaldo lv.65 hasty iron tail body slam rock blast swords dance hp:193 att:178 def:139 sp.att:118 sp.def:136 spe:92...