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  1. JD

    What role will Malamar have in the future?

    They said that at some point they'll return in the future; but what do you think they'll do? I know some people suggested that they are connected to Team Flare but the portal they vanished into kind of looked like one of Hoopa's. http://serebii.net/anime/pictures/xy/857/DP335.jpg
  2. JD

    Guardians Of The Galaxy

    Did anyone else see it? I saw the Imax 3D advance screening yesterday and got this nice poster.
  3. JD

    Kalos League Predictions and Discussion

    I know we had a thread like this before but it seems like it got deleted or something. Anyway how do you guys think the Kalos League is going to go? How far do you think Ash will make it? And do you think he will use any reserves? I don't know how likely this is to happen but I think one...
  4. JD

    Regarding Ash and Mega Evolution

    Whether it's his Charizard, Sceptile, or Heracross do you think they will struggle with Mega Evolution likes Korrina's Lucario?
  5. JD

    Upcoming gym battles thread

    The past thread disappeared so I decided to make a new one. First I'll post what I think Ash's full team will look like by the Kalos League. Ash...
  6. JD

    What kind of tournament will X and Y have?

    I'm hoping that we have multiple tournaments like the Don Battle Tournaments but those battles were kind of lackluster and boring. Honestly, I'd like to see a tournament like the Hearthome Tag Tournament since the battles were pretty interesting.
  7. JD

    The Elite 4 appearing in the anime?

    Do you think they will appear? I hope the Elite 4 appears again in the anime like they did back in Sinnoh I'd like to see Ash battle against Malva
  8. JD

    Regarding Mega Evolutions in the anime

    How will they be handeled? Do you think they will all be debuted or do you think some of them will be skipped? I feel like they will be used as a plot device to defeat Ash in the league.
  9. JD

    How come the writers never explored Snivy's background?

    It seems like she left her old trainer I wish they would have explored that a bit I'd rather learn about that then some of the fillers we have gotten.
  10. JD

    Would you like to see Contest again?

    Would you like to see them return in Gen VI Anime? I feel like they kind of spiced up the anime after Sinnoh it just seemed kind of dull without them
  11. JD

    Should Hugh, Nate, Rosa and other BW(2) characters be introduced now?

    They introduced Cheren the B2&W2 version I don't think it would be out of the question to introduce these three. If we get some kind of Filler Tournament near the end of Best Wishes to make up for the league I wouldn't be surprised if Hugh took Trip's place Nate took Stephan's place and Rosa...
  12. JD

    Christmas Thread

    Is it to early for this thread? I don't know.. but since stores are starting to advertise Christmas stuff I guess not. Anyway here's my list for this year I'm not really sure what I want.. but this is what I've came up with. Wii U New Super Mario Bros U. Pre-paid credit card/gift card...
  13. JD


    When will it make its debut? I was sure that it would get a special or something like Riolu did back in D/P and Lucario back in that little Iron Island arc but now I'm not really sure. Will it appear in the league or will it appear under Luke's ownership?
  14. JD

    Will Charizard return?

    I heard that some Charizard merchandise has been popping up recently I don't know if this is random or if it's hinting at Ash's reappearing what do you guys think?
  15. JD

    Are you ready to go back to school?

    Well.. school is right around the corner. I'm starting my junior year of high school in about two weeks, it's crazy. I can't say I'm really that excited about it because I've never really been that enthusiastic about school I still need to get new shoes and everything too. But anyway I was...
  16. JD

    If Ash challenges the Unova Elite 4?

    If Ash challenges the Unova Elite 4 how would it be handeled? Would he use all of his Pokemon including reserved would the battles be full battles? Discuss
  17. JD

    Batman Dark Knight Rises

    Anyone else looking forward to this one? It looks pretty good I'm planning to go to the midnight release with a few of my friends if my parents let me. I think it comes out in less than two weeks now.
  18. JD

    White Version 2

    Alright well here is my planned White Version 2 Team...
  19. JD

    The Relationship Thread

    Yes I'm aware that we already have a Advice Thread, but this is a thread strictly made to seek advice or discuss your current relationship. If a mod wants to close this they can go ahead and close it but anyway I guess I'll post something I've been thinking about. I was chatting the girl I like...
  20. JD

    Planned Black 2 and White 2 Team?

    So I've been thinking about my Black 2 team and this is what I have so far.. Black 2...