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    The Soul Eater Fan Club

    The Club After much procrastination, I'm starting my second official club that I know of; The Soul Eater Fan Club. Soul Eater is a story about students at a school named Shibusen, a school designed to help Living Weapons (humans who turn into weapons) become Death Scythes, by eating 99 evil...
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    The Bleach Club...2.

    This is the Bleach Club. Here, you can talk about all things Bleach, whether that be the hugely popular anime and manga, your collection of figurines and accessories, experiences with cosplay, whatever. Pretty much any topic is open for discussion. So, if you're a fan, please, join! And while...
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    Golde's Sketch/Drawing Shop (Version 2~)

    Welcome to my shop~! (Second shop, but whatever...) In this, I do drawings and sketches and stuff...pretty straightforward...there's an example above, better examples below...anyway, just request something here, and I should be done within a few days~ I do people, items, weapons, etc, and can...
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    Golde's Sketch Shop

    Hello, all. I'm Golde, and this is my shop. Here, I do sketches of characters, items, etc. At the moment, the only examples I have right now are below, which isn't great. I have to pm a mod about something before I post them XD But, I've been told I'm good, and need practice anyway, so I figure...
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    Trouble installing "intel pLay" microscope

    My stepbrother recently gave me an intel pLay microscope, that connects to the computer via USB. After messing around with it for hours, downloading a patch or two, and finally getting it to ignore that my computer WASN'T made 10 years ago, I got it running. But now, whenever I start it up, it...
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    .mpv files - What they mean and getting them to play

    I recently downloaded some videos that ended in .mpv. I've never heard of it, and nobody I know does either. I can't find anything about it, and I don't know how to get them to play. If someone could help me with that, I'd appreciate it very much. Also, I'd like to know if there's any way to...
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    The Official Spice and Wolf Thread

    Approved by Rave This thread is here to discuss the anime known as Spice and Wolf. It is a story about a 25-year old traveling salesman named Lawrence Craft and wolf harvest deity named Horo. One thing that makes this anime unique is that rather than revolving around action and fighting, it...
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    PokeGear Speculation Thread

    This is a thread created to talk about the Pokegear, the popular device used by many trainers in Johto. Here, you can talk about upgrades/downgrades to the Pokegear in HG/SS, i.e., new upgrade cards, more radio stations, phone calls, etc. Have fun :)
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    Do you think they'll remove any landmarks?

    Now, I've been wondering about some things. We're all fairly sure they'll nix Kanto from the remake, but there were some features, such as that building in Viridian that allowed you to fight the last trainer you Mystery Gifted with, or the dance of the Clefairy, that were noteworthy. So, do...
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    What will you do differently?

    If you are planning on getting HeartGold/SoulSilver, what are you planning on doing differently? Pertaining to what you've previously done in Gold/Silver/Crystal, of course. I'm going to keep my starter, but I'm planning on choosing different poke'mon for my team. Probably a Hoothoot, and...
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    Pokemon Snap question

    I did a search, btw. If anything like this exists, please direct me to it. Ok, so, I get how to post pictures to an SD card on MPR, but is there any way to copy Pokemon Snap pics to an SD card? Thanks :D
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    (Casual) Golde's Offensive Deck

    Read the rules, I think this is right... My deck is old. I have, like, nothing recent...well, here it is... Monsters Emes the Infinity x1 Goblin Attack Force x1 Summoned Skull x1 Skilled Dark Magician x1 Spear Dragon x1 Blazing Inpachi x1 Legendary Jujitsu Master x1 Fiber Jar x1...
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    Possible System Crash...IDK What's going on...

    Yes, this computer does have a million and one things wrong with it. I woke up this morning and started it up, but when it got to the blue screen and I clicked my name, it kinda froze up. For about 10 minutes. I turned it off. It did it a few more times, but also did it during the Windows...
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    Rather Urgent-Email cookies, possible viruses, acting really, really slow

    Hi, me again, some serious, urgent problem. I loooked for an FAQ, but to no avail. First my computer stated slowing down really fast, then my computer said some cookies had installed themselves on my computer, I know there was one called Greensreen, and a few more about keyboard strokes. It...
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    Need Help Starting Up A Computer

    Yeah, hi...My computer isn't working, and hasn't for a while. But, the weird thing is, is I know what's wrong but can't figure out what to do.... So...I was told that the drives weren't getting read right, that the drives or processes or something weren't getting read right...That it was...
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    Amity Square Upgrade

    Did anyone notice that, besides an upgrade to Cycling Road, there was also a much upgraded Amity Square? It had Dawn being followed by a Piplup in a less open environment than the square in D/P. What do you think of this upgrade? And also, since apparantly, there's more poke'mon available in...
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    Do you think there are very tiny Poke'monh

    Well, this occurred to me recently, do you think it's possible for there to be small poke'mon that people just don't catch, for various reasons, or pay attention too? Like, "The Mosquito Poke'mon" or something? I mean, the smallest poke'mon are still about a foot tall, I really think there must...
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    Regarding The Nine Tailed Foxes Voice...

    Do you like the NTF's voice from Naruto? I never really liked its voice, it is a tad to dark for my taste. I had always thought it should be a bit lighter, without being comedic. What do you think?
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    Favorite anime quotes

    I did a search for it...there wasn't one, so... My all time favorite off the top of my head? Apocalamon (Digimon) "Why do you always get the pizza when I get the crust?!?!"
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    The Goldenrod Puzzle

    I remember the Goldenrod puzzle, in which you had to flick the switches in a certain order to open the doors, I believe it was 3-2-1-2-3. I'd just like to know, did you need help with it? I'd of probably figured it out, but I used a book.