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    Duke Nukem!

    Anyone buy it this week? 12 year wait is over! :D Loving the one liners, crude jokes, little things really. Solid FPS and a pleasure to play :D
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    Official MMA & UFC thread 2011!

    Whatever your taste is for the art of fighting, from here on out the best fights, the best match ups will be posted here. Welcome to Fight Club, be prepared to get knocked the **** out Places To Watch - Sky 417 - The Ultimate Fighter Downloads MMA Boxing...
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    DiRT 3

    DiRT 3 got its first public airing at last years Los Angeles' X Games, as Codemasters' latest off-roader breaks its cover. Taking place in The Staples Centre, L.A. Live and the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, the X Games is a city wide celebration of extreme sports, and it's being screened on...
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    Whats the HTML/Tag for a spoiler, please?
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    Just starting up again!

    Hey, I used to collect the cards back in the day of original, dark, jungle, rocket sets and what have you. Then as I got older, i stopped, they got moved, sold, binned and lost. I've started to express an interest again thanks to the games and although, I don't battle with them, I love the...
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    Anyone in or joined the Army for their respected country? I've signed up to the British Army and in 6 weeks time I go off for 14 weeks training. Discuss..
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    Matt's Shack!

    I started out giving away starters, monkeys and most of all, Zorua. So now I've opened shop, expanded and now run the busiest, most visited and posted in Shop on the Forum! RULES! I don't hack! I don't Clone! I don't battle! Post all your offers IN MY SHOP. I won't visit your shop...
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    Team Rocket

    I've been watching Pokemon from the start and I really enjoyed them in the first & even second journey! But I'm now watching Diamond & Pearl on CiTV (UK) and I can't help but think; Would the Pokemon TV series be better WITHOUT Team Rocket?? Their constant interfering is tedious and can...
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    Hey! :d

    How are you!? :D I'm a new member, but I'm not a stranger to your forum! I'm certainly NOT new to Pokemon - be playing since Blue/Red on GB! xD Want to get in on the trading fun! :D Playing Heart Gold at the min, will be buying White on Friday! Say hi! :D