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    FairyWitch's Kalos Born Bank Box Giveaways

    Requesting free pokemon form Name:eevee 4 iv or 5 iv?:5IV Bold Gender:Either Ability:Any except for its hidden ability IGN:jikrin Friend Code(do not place in my sig):0189-8635-8388 GMT zone: GMT - 5:00 eastern standard time Thank you
  2. J

    Item & Pokerus Trading Thread

    I have pokerus looking for charizard Y, aggronite, houndoominite, mewtwonite y, heracronite, a timid, modest Yveltal, or pokemon with hidden abilities
  3. J

    Shiny Trading Thread

    Offering a Legit UT Scyther lv 1 from egg currently in 4th gen but I can transfer to 5th if needed.
  4. J

    #491 Darkrai

    Yeah, someone just told me that it must be hacked.
  5. J

    #491 Darkrai

    I have an Alamos darkrai from the gts I want a flawless shiny modest/adamant rayquaza, any celebi, victini, or mew that is modest, calm, or bold, any bashful, docile, quirky, serious, or hardy flawless jirachi. I will through in a master ball for the shiny flawless rayquaza or the neutral nature...
  6. J

    #489 Phione / #490 Manaphy

    I have a manaphy and I am looking for the following pokemon: modest Celebi, Modest Victini, Naive Genesect, Timid or Modest Mew, and a Modest shaymin. Please respond soon if interested Black 2 FC: 3096 6910 0130 Name: Justice
  7. J

    Dream World Trading Thread

    Starters with dream world abilities were released in a japanese event.
  8. J

    #385 Jirachi

    I have 2 event jirachis from a gamestop event and a lv 50 UT japanese jirachi. I am in need of a keldeo for my pokedex willing to trade back. I have made several offers already so if interested please respond soon. black FC: 3096 6910 0130