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  1. Jerichi

    Profile Viewing Problem

    I've noticed lately that whenever I try to access a user profile from a post, I always get an error page, as the links only consist of the member's ID number and doesn't have any sort of directory attached to it, i.e. www.serebiiforums.com/1 if I were to click on Serebii's profile. However, if I...
  2. Jerichi

    E.s.P.a.S. {pG-13}

    Hey. Some of you may recognize me from around the forums, dabbling in sprites at the WSC, popping in for a Game or two, from the ASB, my typical hangout, or even as the author of the long-abandoned "Stir Crazy". Well, today, I present you another piece of fan fiction that I've concocted as my...
  3. Jerichi

    Toonami's End

    Bang. Why, CN? Why? Even if it started to suck, I'll still miss it. I sorta hate how Cartoon Network and Nick have both sold out to the teenyboppers and whatnot, but I guess its the only way they can keep themselves afloat. =/
  4. Jerichi

    Stir Crazy: The Misadventures of a Bellsprout and his Motley Crew

    Well, this is my first attempt at comedy, and, while the story's structure itself (with how characters are introduced and a couple other things) would probably be eaten alive if this weren't comedy, I think this has turned out pretty good. Just a heads up, this'll be filled with a lot of poking...
  5. Jerichi

    A Very Snorunty Christmas ~A Chirstmas One-Shot; for a Holiday light read~

    I bet you all think I'm crazy, churning out two one-shots this fast. But, I wanted to do something for Christmas, so I thought Why not write about my favorite Ice Type? And there you have it. A Very Snorunty Christmas. ~*A Very Snorunty Christmas*~ VHOOOSH! The wind whipped against the...
  6. Jerichi

    ~Destiny.Bond~ or Five Black Tears {One-Shot Poem}{PG-13}

    Y HELO THAR. I'm in ur Fan Fic Section givin' u one-shot/poems. I wrote this in 2 hours. Call it rushed, but I don't. I call it sudden bursts of random insperation. I think its ok. Some background. Tonight, I felt like writing something really dramatic. I went from story, to poem, to story...
  7. Jerichi

    ~*~ Nova: The Life and Times of a Young Jirachi ~*~

    After writing the first half of this chapter, ignoring it, then going back to it, I'm finally finished with the first chapter Just an advisory; the quality of it slumps a little at the end. I had a little bit of a block at the end of this, so... But, I digress. On with the first chapter...
  8. Jerichi

    About UPN and Serebii.

    Hello. I would like to start by introducing myself. I am Jerichi, an active member of both here (somewhat) and UPN forums, along with the starter of the thread "Serebii's Dead!" on UPN fourms. Do not be fooled, I am not a UPN mod. To tell you the truth, the only UPN mods that I know of on this...
  9. Jerichi

    A little rant about Competitvie Battling and Dimond and Pearl.

    Just a little rant. Ok. This hasn't been adressed by anyone else. And I would like to adress it. The new moves and phys/special changes in D/P have caused people to worry about the state of competitive battling. Why? Because these moves change the same old standard, overused, boring, an...
  10. Jerichi

    Some virus deletion help.

    My computer claims that one of my program files has virus. The program file itself has an irregular name, and uses the window Icon. The name is ljtwr t (no space; I just don't trust viruses) and it carries the file suffix .EXE. My virus scanner says it cannot delete, quarintene, or clean the...
  11. Jerichi

    The Legend of the Isles of Doom: Stranded *Begins*

    OK, I’m finnaly starting the RPG. LSU’s will be accepted, so if you want to join, post there. However, do not post here until I approve the character and give conformation, as for I have a different starting scenario for the LSUs. You are stranded on this island. You have no way back, no...
  12. Jerichi

    The Legend of the Isle of Doom: Stranded (Disscusion)

    If you have any questions or comments about the RPG, please ask them her. You may also discuss the RPG in this thread. I may make the occasional announcment here, too.
  13. Jerichi

    The Legend of the Isles of Doom: Stranded (A Pokemon RPG)

    There once was a legend of a chain of islands not to far of the coast of Johto. This tale has been circulating around the seas for centuries now, and every sailor knows the name. The Islands of Legends some call them, others the Forgotten Atoll, some even the Isles of Doom. The story has been...