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    Evergreen [KissShipping, PG-13, OneShot]

    Hello! My name is shadow_shipper, and I believe most of you don’t know me here (and I, sadly, don’t know many of the faces here :/). If you are wondering why, you can check my “Join Date” and see that I’m an old timer ^^ I present to you a request! An friend of mine once asked me to take his...
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    Dealing Solace [AgainstShipping, PG-13, Valentine’s OneShot]

    Dealing Solace [AgainstShipping, PG-13, Valentine’s OneShot] My gift for the Valentine’s Day Secret Cupid to CyberBlastoise. I hope you like it ;) Oh, and some info for you, it came from the spleen mostly. *nods* I’m sorry if you think the quality is poor, I really have done my best to...
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    WhiteTruthShipping (Paul x Cynthia) Discussion

    Well, just for lulz (or not) I post here the thread concerning my Paul OTP. This, I believe, is the closest Paul has come to actually feeling some emotions concerning somebody... Firt of all, he's respectful towards her. Which is more we can say he is concerning Ash, Dawn, or anybody else...
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    May and her seven Pokémon

    May and her seven Pokémon Can anyone explain to me how she can have at the same time in her party during the Wallace arc : 1° Beautifly (which was first seen as she arrived) 2° Glaceon (which was seen as she arrived as well) 3° Blaziken (which was seen battling in the Restaurant) 4°...
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    Shipping Oscars 2007/2008

    Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to this year's annual ceremony of serebiiforums' Shipping Osacar Awards ! :D Where all of you will decide of the best romantic fanfictions that have spawned during the last year, or that were still ongoing throughout the year ! •'´¯) ,,ø¤°``°¤ø,¸(¯`'•.¸...
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    Completely Incomplete [MultiShipping, PG-13, Christmas OneShot]

    My Christmas OneShot, yay ! :D I am going to be hated by the die-hard PokéShippers for this one, but I couldn’t resist…Inspiration just came :p And here are the various ships present here : AdvanceShipping, BelleShipping, CavalierShipping, ContestShipping, EgoShipping, PokéShipping. Hope I...
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    Blind [PokéShipping, R, OneShot]

    Blind [PokéShipping, R, OneShot] Sorry I deleted the last post, I've re-written some parts of it and since I was multitasking, I went on to delete the whole thing instead of just editing T_T well, let's get on with it... This is what made me write something again. Thank you. And thank...
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    Alone, Together [ContestShipping, PG(13), OneShot]

    Hello to you all ! this is shadow_shipper posting his first fic on serebii. It being the first one here, I’ve decided to just do a one-shot that actually came to me yesterday afternoon, and that I’ve typed as it went in two days…I don’t know if that’s good or bad ^_^’ How did this idea come...
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    Egoshipping General Discussion

    No way !! no Egoshipping thread !! (deleted ? archived ? never made ?...) well there is now :D well, I think that this would be based on an "alternative" for Misty... Since Ash is in Shinnoh, people that she could see more often would be Tracy, Delia, pr. Oak and his son/reasearcher Gary...