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  1. Noheart

    i hath returnst

    After much thought and reminiscing, I've decided that I'm gonna get back into the monz. Which, by default, means that I've come back to an old home of mine to rejoin the community once again. I frequented Serebii and its forums quite a lot in my teenage years, and had a lot of good times here...
  2. Noheart

    A Glimpse into the Eclipse {Sun & Moon Pokébank OU RMT}

    A Glimpse into the Eclipse {Sun & Moon Pokébank OU RMT} Hi Serebii! Formerly my username was Piekid11, and I was also referred to as "PK". I've decided to delve into competitive battling upon the release of Pokémon: Diamond/Pearl when I learned of the WiFi connectivity feature. I've battled...
  3. Noheart

    The Elder Scrolls VI: Aetherius

    The Elder Scrolls VI: Aetherius Hello, Serebii. I have been on the receiving end of an urge to pick up both Pokémon and Elder Scrolls again. Since I've also taken up writing, I decided to try my hand at a fanfiction. Not a Pokémon one just yet, but an Elder Scrolls fiction! So, feel free...
  4. Noheart


    Formerly known as Piekid11. Don't know if anyone would remember me. Lurking around for good old times sake. I'm now 20 years old, and I was very involved with various things such as a clan (Sorry, "guild") called the Storm Kings, and I would frequent/occasionally visit Misc., Debate, Games, RMT...
  5. Noheart

    H-hi.. Serebii-sempai.. w-will you n-notice m-me..?

    It has indeed been an incredibly long time since I have browsed these forums regularly. I used to be a frequent visitor under the name of "Piekid11", and was an avid participator in the old Serebii clans of Diamond/Pearl/Platinum. I have so many fond memories of this place growing up. I lived in...
  6. Noheart

    Ayo wassup y'all how y'all doin this evenin'?!?!

    So I'm returning to the forums... and by golly shiver me timbers and call me Jeffrey it has changed a lot. My old username was Piekid11. Though I doubt anyone remembers me. I was mainly in the clan's, misc, and GPD sections if I recall correctly. I'm not really active in competitive...
  7. Noheart

    What is this anime?

    There's this anime that has a bunch of psycho girls killing eachother off. I forget the name, I wanna watch it so if anyone could help that'd be great. All I remember is that it's very graphic.
  8. Noheart

    What did YOU eat for breakfast?

    I had some quality cinnamon raisin bagels.
  9. Noheart

    \|/ This Darkened Heart \|/

    \|/ This Darkened Heart \|/ PG 14 - FOR SWEARING AND VIOLENT SCENES. YAY. Sup. I'm Piekid11, and this is a fic I gave up on a few months ago. Some of you may remember it, others may not. Either way I've re-written / editted what I posted, and I promise that I have the time now and motivation to...
  10. Noheart

    This Darkened Heart {PG-14}

    “Better to write for yourself and have no public, than to write for the public and have no self.” —Cyril Connolly Hello, Serebii. I started writing this fic about two months ago. I've been writing off and on and I came up with three chapters so far. It doesn't really take me this long to...
  11. Noheart

    How do you sleep?

    What position are you mostly in when you go to sleep? If you sleep in more then one... Which position are you in the most? (inb4 sex joke) I sleep on my right side or on my stomach.
  12. Noheart

    Unwanted Legacy {PG-13}

    Hi all, and welcome to my fic. I've been finding myself bored a lot, so I thought that writing a fic would be fun. All constructive criticism and advice is welcomed with open arms. This fic is rated PG-13 because of Violence and Mild Language. And remember guys: PROCRASTINATION- makes...
  13. Noheart

    Comedy Central Roast of Joan Rivers

    Yeah, read the title. I just got done watching it, and I gotta say, I lol'd so many times. Especially at the amount of Klondike Bar and Taco Bell commercials, xD. So yeah, if you watched it at all, tell everyone what you thought of the jokes, the people there, and, basically the show in...
  14. Noheart

    Lolz RMT... What a Tweest!

    Okay, this team is 8-3 on shoddy, so before I use it again, I want to see Serebii's opinion of it. Team at a Glance: Crucible the Aerodactyl Jolly | Pressure | Focus Sash 252 Attack | 252 Speed | 6 Defense -Crunch -Earthquake -Stealth Rock -Taunt Named after the...
  15. Noheart

    My underleveled Crystal Team.

    I'm right before the Pokemon League, standing there, jaw open, gasping for air at Will's power. xD Yuffie the Heracross (f) Lv. 34 Berry Strength Horn Attack Leer Counter I honestly overestimated his potential in Crystal when I caught this guy. His early movepool is dirt poor, but...
  16. Noheart

    Rayt mah t33m

    Okay, this is my first team meant for OU play. RMT! Jolteon @ Focus Sash Timid | 252 SpA, 252 Spe, 6 Def | Volt Absorb ~T-Bolt ~HP Ice ~Agility ~Baton Pass My BP lead. T-Bolt for STAB and HP Ice for coverage, Agility + BP to help out a majority of my team to sweep. Focus Sash...
  17. Noheart

    8 Player Singles Tournament~

    My mission: To revive the PBR Battles section. My solution: A tournament. RULES: Lv. 50 All, Singles, 6v6. Sleep Clause. Only 2 different Battle Passes may be used. NO UBERS. I go by the Smogon Tier list. Banned Pokemon: Mewtwo Mew Wobbuffet Lugia Ho-Oh Latios Latias Groudon...
  18. Noheart

    Uu! Uu! Yeah!

    No one posts in UU RMT's anymore. :( ( I use this team in Standard AND UU play. ) Electrode @ Focus Sash 252 Atk, 252 Spe, 6 SpD | Hasty | Static -Rain Dance -Taunt -Mirror Coat -Explosion Yeah, I decided mess up Smogon's set. Mirror Coat over Thunder. Takes care of those lovely...
  19. Noheart

    RCA Memory Manager - Proper Video Decoder?

    Hi, all, I've just gotten a RCA Small Wonder video camera for Christmas. I've been trying to upload a video on to youtube through it's instructions for a test run, but it says in order to see it, I need to install a "proper video decoder". It gave me the Website's section for "more info", but...
  20. Noheart

    This year's Christmas Miracle.

    Before this child was 2, she was diagnosed with pneumonia. It was very serious, so she was put on life support. For the next 6 weeks, she was battling for her life when the pneumonia attacked her lungs, then sepsis, blood clots, spaph infections, E. Coli, and a collapsed lung plus feeding...