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  1. Noheart

    plin plin plon

    plin plin plon
  2. Noheart

    Hows everyone doing during Corona?

    Still working thankfully (US stimulus package was laughable at best), my area is about to gradually reopen and I feel pretty excited, yet also apprehensive about it. Been pretty bored these passed several months, working and playing video games. I see my boyfriend here and there who has had it...
  3. Noheart

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - TRADING THREAD [Closed; Gen 8 WiFi Forum NOW OPEN]

    Hey all, looking for someone willing to trade me a Dawn Stone. I have a Water Stone, Sun Stone, Thunder Stone, as well as a Sweet Apple and Fossilized Drake.
  4. Noheart

    Pokemon Sword & Shield GENERAL DISCUSSION Thread [Spoilers]

    Does anyone know if EXP share still distributes EVs?
  5. Noheart

    Pokemon Sword & Shield - HELP THREAD (Don't ask about Victini)

    Does the EXP share distribute EVs as well?
  6. Noheart

    Does people even use forums like this anymore?

    I can say that I've had the same thought run through my mind. However, this may be due to me getting older and having more responsibilities, as opposed to when I was active on these forums years ago. Working full-time and school are very time and energy consuming. On the other hand, part of me...
  7. Noheart

    Silly things you thought or believed when you were a kid

    I used to believe that having the interior lights on in a car was illegal in the state of NJ. Turns out that was a massive fairy tale with no basis in reality that I can find *shrugs*
  8. Noheart

    If you're a real gamer. Name 30 games.

    I'll go by console. Top 5s, awyeah. Playstation 1. Silent Hill 2. Final Fantasy VII 3. Crash Bandicoot: Warped 4. Spyro: Year of the Dragon 5. Metal Gear Solid GBA (I won't include Pokemon here) 1. The Legend of Zelda 2. Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories 3. Final Fantasy VI 4. Fire Emblem...
  9. Noheart

    I used a Full Heal. I have no status.

    I used a Full Heal. I have no status.
  10. Noheart

    Gen8 starter Pokemon what do you want to see?

    It'd be cool if some type combinations that haven't been done come up, especially in the starters. Fire/Ice special sweeper comes to mind. Water/Dragon wall and Grass/Steel is always a nice supporting type combo (as we've seen in Ferrothorn), given it has the appropriate base stats.
  11. Noheart

    I'll always treasure the memories I have of this place. If any lurking Storm Kings swing by my...

    I'll always treasure the memories I have of this place. If any lurking Storm Kings swing by my profile: I hope life is treating you well!
  12. Noheart

    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    Playing Dark Souls: Remastered. Trophy hunting.
  13. Noheart

    What Are You Listening To - Just Add Water!

    Yawny at the Apocalypse - Andrew Bird
  14. Noheart

    Video games you regretted playing?

    Fable 3. As a long time fan of the series, Lionhead really disappointed me as well as many others with that installment. Fable 2 is superior in just about every way.
  15. Noheart

    Do you collect, play or both?

    I've collected them throughout the years, never got around playing the actual game. The whole energy system kind of turned me off to be honest. I believe the most valuable cards I have ATM are the Mew Fossil and the 4Ever Suicune and Celebi.
  16. Noheart

    The last movie you saw

    Watched Batman vs. Superman for the first time last night. Definitely lived up to my expectations.
  17. Noheart

    What anime are you watching thread 2.0 ~ Now with more upcoming weeaboo nonsense.

    All caught up with Dragon Ball Super, Attack on Titan, My Hero Academia, Boruto (I've watched both Naruto series), and Berserk 2016. Recently got into Overlord, which looks like SA:O done right so far. I understand that a second season was confirmed as well after a few years, so I'm glad I just...
  18. Noheart

    "Unloved" Pokemon

    Phione comes to mind, the poor thing. I don't know why the designers came up with it, it's literally an inferior Manaphy. It's movepool is terrible as well.
  19. Noheart

    The Best Part of your Day

    Well, today I decided the I was going to get back into Pokémon, since I've rekindled a certain passion for RPGs. Picked out my courses for my second semester, and made some bomb ravioli.
  20. Noheart

    i hath returnst

    After much thought and reminiscing, I've decided that I'm gonna get back into the monz. Which, by default, means that I've come back to an old home of mine to rejoin the community once again. I frequented Serebii and its forums quite a lot in my teenage years, and had a lot of good times here...