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    Bolt (2009 Movie)

    The days of canine superstar Bolt (John Travolta) are filled with danger and intrigue ... until the cameras stop rolling. But Bolt doesn't know that he's on a TV show; he thinks his amazing powers are real. When Bolt is accidentally shipped from his Hollywood soundstage to the mean streets of...
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    Eureka Seven anime/manga!

    have you watched or read Eureka Seven? English or Japanese version? did you enjoy it? What was your overall opinion? What would you rate it? ;408; P.S sorry about the poll but I couldn't fit in everyone's names so you'll have to be specific
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    Adventure Time! (I'll never kidnap again.)

    C'mon! We all know this rambunctious slam-bam-in-a-can cartoon! It's fan base has become a massive hoard of pun-hungry kids an' teens and one can be sure to find an endless amount of topics concerning this cartoon. So, do you like this show? Who's your favourite character? Why? Who's your least...
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    Your favourite Fairy Tail characters! 2015

    Who is your favourite Fairy Tail character? The legendary Titania (Erza) or perhaps that darned elusive Jellal? And please give a reason other then 'She has large chests'! >:I This thread will probably contain spoilers! ;039;
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    Good or Evil? What would you choose?

    Let's say that two gang's confront you in an alley and ask you to join them. One represents bravery, truth and helping little old ladies cross the streets. The other encourages deceit, bad puns and helping little old ladies into oncoming traffic. What would you choose? ;468; vs. ;200;
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    That pile of bothersome blue bugsnot! - Sonic Discussion!

    How many Sonic games have you played? Are you a fan of the franchise? What game was your favourite? Who is your favourite character? --- Holy hay I LOVE Sonic! So far I have only played Sonic Colours, Sonic Rush and the recently purchased Sonic Generations but I love this franchise! As...
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    Yowch! Restart time! - Who was the hardest 5th Gen Gym leader/Elite Four?

    (You can include Black/White 2) :625: Who did you find the most difficult? Was it the speedy Elesa or the defensive Clay? >:^p And how about the League? Perhaps the offensive Marshal or the evasive Shauntal? >:B --- I TOTALLY found Clay to be the hardest! I could just about finish...
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    The Return of Yurippe! (more like the uprise but hi again!)

    Hi! :D I'm Yurippe! I kinda left in October and I made my last goodbye visit in December, but after a falling out with an old forum, I'm back! =D I hope to make tons of new friends here and be a valuable asset to the forum! I'm also a huge manga lover so if anyone wants to chat about manga...
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    Harems are the FUTURE! >8D - Favourite Anime/Manga Genre Thread!

    What's your favourite genre? ;380; Personally, I ADORE harem's! I'm also into Shoujo and Comedies! :P I'm reading about 11 separate manga's right now and they're so hilarious. xD I'm really liking Fairy Tail! at the moment and despite it's Ecchi genre, there's nothing too explicit so it's...
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    Favourite part of the game? (Spoilers! Beware!)

    What was your favourite part of the game? Perhaps when you were raiding forests in search of Team Plasma with eccentric company, or maybe when you were assisting Iris tracking down grunts in the big suburban city? Discuss! Remember to be specific!
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    Toughest Dungeons of PMD! :D

    So, in your opinion... What was the toughest dungeon? :P
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    Solatorobo: Red the Hunter

    Did you play this? Did you enjoy it? What was your overall opinion? Discuss! ;406;