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    Nostalgia for Nintendo DS

    I dont kno if you guys have heard of this game but its called Nostalgia. Its developed by Red Entertainment (Sakura Taisen series) and Matrix Software (Final Fantasy 3 and 4 for DS) Its based in the 1900's in a steam punk environment. Its a jrpg and it looks like it could be a good game. Im...
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    Magician’s Quest Mysterious Times

    Magician’s Quest Mysterious Times This game looks really fun. Its like animal crossing and harry potter combined. Does anyone have it it, or anyone planning on getting it? Also anyone know te official release date for this game, I remembered it was May 5 but I checked the gamestop website and...
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    Pokemon Government?

    Does the pokemon world have a Government? Its been puzzling my mind in english class and just want some opinions. The only type of government I could see in the pokemon world is the Elite 4 who maintain order, but in the manga they just F*ck everything up. Any opinions? ;149;
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    Worst Pokemon Games?

    http://www.gamedaily.com/articles/galleries/best-and-worst-pokemon-games/?icid=aimDBDL1_link2-a&page=1 Thats article on pokemon games kinda ticked me off.... It talks about the good and bad pokemon games, but some of it makes you think "wtf".. I will name some flaws... It starts off...
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    PMD2 Exploration Team Thread

    This thread is for people who want to post there teams here for people to battle in the Explorer Maze. Remember that this only works through wi-fi. Well i made a new team for the Explorer maze here it is Team Name: Team Endo coppr Rank: Ultra Rank Team Number: 0000-0005-2345 How to send...
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    Favorite Dungeon

    What was your favortie dungeon in pmd1 and what is your favorite dungeon in pmd2? My favorite in pmd1 was the Northern Range. My favorite dungeons in pmd2 is Blizzard island, Spacial Rift and Hidden Land;475;
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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of time/darkness Story dungeon guide

    Here is a list of all the story mode dungeons and what level you should be at by the time you get to them (the dungeons are in the order you encounter them) : Beach Cave: lvl5 How to unlock: None , it is the first dungeon Boss: Koffing and Zubat Drenched Bluff: lvl7 How to unlock...