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  1. pacman000

    Corrupt a Wish V2!

    Climbing roses envelope your house, blocking all exits with their thorny vines. I wish red was blue & blue was red!
  2. pacman000

    Have you seen this tv show?

    No. Monster Rancher?
  3. pacman000

    First thing that comes to mind

    Pint Spritle, from Speed Racer
  4. pacman000

    Is Pokemon Red still worth it? Should i just get Fire red?

    I’d say get the original, that way you can see what the franchise was like when brand new.
  5. pacman000

    A Ruin With A View! (278)

    Slower paced episode, but it seems to be setting up things for the rest of the season. It was a nice seeing Ash as a fairly mature trainer. Wish they spent more time in the ruins tho, & Team Magma (is that right?) weren't enough of a threat. Backlit animation's back for Pikachu's attacks...
  6. pacman000

    Keep one, Drop one

    Amusement Park
  7. pacman000

    Keep one, Drop one

    Folk Song
  8. pacman000

    Theme Parks

    VelociCoaster POV
  9. pacman000

    What was the exact context of Satoshi Tajiri saying the Adventures manga was closest to the way he imagined the world of Pokémon

    I know of only two interviews with Satoshi Tajiri, one from the late 90’s done by Time Asia, the other in the early 2000’s by a Japanese show about video games. Here’s the Time Asia interview...
  10. pacman000

    How were the gen 1 games by the standards of their time?

    Shigeki Morimoto. It's such an odd story; Mew was mentioned in-game, at least in the U.S. Did he rewrite parts of the games' story too, or were those references not present in Japan, or were Mew/Mewtwo supposed to be the same species till he decided to add Mew?
  11. pacman000

    Keep one, Drop one

    Forward Motion
  12. pacman000

    Get The Show On The Road! (277)

    Just watched this. Pretty good. Had about the same feel as the original series stuff. I think I've seen a bit of this before, but not the whole thing. It's a bit intense seeing Pikachu run away & try to attack Ash; I like that. Most of the jokes are funny. Interesting that Jessie is thinking of...
  13. pacman000

    Is exploiting glitches cheating?

    Well I memorized the Missingno trick by reading a cheat code site... Never heard of that hyperbeam trick; if I were playing the games I’d assume the move recharged whlie my opponent was selecting their next Pokemon. I don’t doubt that it’s a glitch, but without looking at the source code or a...
  14. pacman000

    Does anyone else feel like anime simply lost something over the years?

    Saw the 1st episode of Journeys. It was cute, but it didn’t catch my heart the same way the old Indigo League stuff did, & still does. Having said that, it’s hard to know if I’m being objective. Perhaps my love for the old stuff is just nostalgia, & I’m seeing the new stuff from the same...
  15. pacman000

    And now for a rarity: Buckner & Garcia singing Pokémon Fever. Recorded in the late 90's to...

    And now for a rarity: Buckner & Garcia singing Pokémon Fever. Recorded in the late 90's to capitalize on the Pokémon Craze, this song is based on their earlier top-50 hit Pac Man Fever. It wasn't released till a few years ago; they had trouble getting the rights.
  16. pacman000

    First thing that comes to mind

    Funnybone Bone, the comic book.
  17. pacman000

    Do you think the Gameboy holds up today?

    Source: https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2019/04/game-boy-20th-anniversary/#:~:text=Battery%20Life%20The%20original%20Game%20Boy%20boasted%20anywhere,a%20low-power%208-bit%20processor%20in%20its%20first%20handheld.
  18. pacman000

    How were the gen 1 games by the standards of their time?

    ...I did not mean to bash the 1st gen games. They are next to my heart & soul. I'd call myself a genwunner, if that term didn't have such a negative connotation. I meant to defend the games. I used the term throw-away titles; that sounds bad. Forgive me for that. I meant that Nintendo...
  19. pacman000


    Same animator as King Kong!
  20. pacman000


    Earliest example I can think of: From The Lost World, 1925