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    Most hated Yugioh cards

    Not really back, just lurk here now and there. I don't really keep up with the competitive play in Yugioh anymore so I can't really say much.
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    Most hated Yugioh cards

    Those old no effect cards with horrible art (i.e Sand Stone). I just... Don't.
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    Crimson Crisis TCG Sneak Peak

    Untrue, my friend, out of 6 packs, only pulled 1 holo. And it's Multiply!
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    Crimson Crisis TCG Sneak Peak

    I'm just not that much interested in Yu-Gi-Oh TCG anymore due to being in a high school whose teachers gives insane HW, not playing in school anymore, and other hobbies I've been ignoring while playing the TCG. I just used the Haruhi to hold down the poster (there just happened to be 4 DVDs...
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    Crimson Crisis TCG Sneak Peak

    Hey guys, remember me?!...no? Whatever >_< Sneak Preview was today, so how was yours? After giving up on playing Yu-Gi-Oh! consistently due to school, I decided to just go to a SP (mostly due to a new friend who's begging me to go to my local). The pack and its cover card My Ultras...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's discussion #2

    Is it weird looking at Yusei being all happy like that makes me smile? And there's a couple parts I saw that made me feel for the characters more. (jumping around so I won't spoil myself for the subs) Yusei and Crow's handshake, and... Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack, Jack. As for the dub, there's a...
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    Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's discussion #2

    For all we know she's just a non-dueling character that has deck. *CoughTempeicoughHayanocough* Also an attempt to bring a nerd into the story. Here's an opening you wish 4Kids would use for the Dark Signer Saga.
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    Claim Your Favorite Anime Song Thread [Version 3.0]

    Name of Anime: Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Song Claim: Last Train -New Morning- - Midnite
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    Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's discussion #2

    The thing I'm most concerned about is the past changing thing :\ (Yusei scared of bugs, lol)
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    Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's discussion #2

    I can't believe you guys are talking about Yusei's martial arts and 26's amazing animation and ignore Jaeger's awesome faces!
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    Crimson Crisis more info + other new ocg 5D's products

    And expect to be more suprised, 5D's 1st season isn't even done :\ As for the Dark Synchro Hypothesis, I agree with the minus tuners and the subtraction of levels.
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Restricted List for March 1, 2008

    It's true (it's on the list...) Let's see if this banlist is worthy like pre-PTDN banlist :/ Also, can PC Raida come back?!
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    Rumoured September 1st Banlist - Yu-Gi-Oh

    I called banning of Premature in my local, but they didn't believe me :/ And mostly, what's up with Semi-Limits?! Having DAD or JD at 2 won't make a huge difference! Also, add Chain Strike at 2 according to Shriek.
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    Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008

    Great, how many Championships have Gladiators win this year? The Andal was a smart tech though.
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    YGO The Duelist Genesis TCG Thread

    And then again, wasn't Sak. a short print? All of these changes would make a box more worth it. Why are people complaining with Kunai with Chain? It's too cool and old school to receive a non-holo treatment.
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    Premium Pack 2

    Mezuki FTW! Zombies might come back!
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    Will Duel Terminal Cards be available in TCG??

    Although Gorz being the most splashable and most broken card in the OCG right now and DAD in play, that won't be such a great idea.
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    Will Duel Terminal Cards be available in TCG??

    Judging from Japan's Nationals, yes, yes it will.
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    Will Duel Terminal Cards be available in TCG??

    It would be pretty cool to have the machine able to play at your local or something, but chance is unlikely high. Not to mention that Airbellum might make a huge impact the Meta...
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    Recent Pulls Thread (YGO)

    My luck has slightly come back! LODT SE: Soul Rope (I f'ing knew it!) o Golden Ladybug (R, yay, a good rare) o Light of Redemption (SR) o Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem (UR) PTDN SE: Mindmaster thing (Better than Hannibal though...) o Super Poly (R) o CYBER VALLEY! (SR, yes!) o...