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  1. ImBeVillain

    Some fans still complain and hate something.

    I just figured out that there were reasons to hate each series. I started watching Pokemon in 2019, of course from the Original Series, then I continued. Reasons to hate: AG: May and Harley D&P: probably Ash and Paul (I didn't like Paul myself, but now i want his comeback - especially for...
  2. ImBeVillain

    Gen VIII Pokemon for Ash - voting list

    I made a second voting list, this time it's for the Pokémon of the current generation. I didn't add basic and first stage pokemon so I didn't want to add too much, so I made only fully evolved pokemon instead. If a Pokemon is missing from the list that you would like to vote for, write comments...
  3. ImBeVillain

    Old gen pokemon for Ash - voting list

    This is my first voting list, first I'd like to know which Pokemon has the best chance at Ash's hand. First, I made a list of a few pokemons that in my opinion are more likely to be with Ash, but these are only from older generations (from Johto to Alola). Close vote will after 10 days. I will...
  4. ImBeVillain

    Ash's Lucario's new move practicing in episode 51

    Did I notice correctly that Lucario was practicing the Close Combat movement?
  5. ImBeVillain

    About battle against Wikstrom

    Hey, what if Ash wins the match against Wikstrom in PWC and opens his way to the Hyper Class ranking and then picks up opponents: Bea, Korrina, Iris and Gary? Wouldn't that be epic?