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    Rock Or Rap? (or stuff thats similar to the both music genres)

    Ok just a random Q. What do u perfer? Rock or Rap? Tell the reasons why. Btw NO FLAMING OR HATING ON PEOPLE'Z OPINIONS!!! I like Rock alot more personally because its usualy original and i can realte to it sometimes ad it can be stupid, serious, sad, happy, angry, random, it can be about good...
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    KH3 on Wii

    Hey people, has anyone considered that Kh3 might come out for the Wii? There's a huge chance, now that square enix doesn't seem to give the PS3 all it's support. Wii is obviously selling better than the PS3, at least were i live, so in the business decision, Wii would be a better choice. Post...
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    Deep Dislikement

    Ok, I'm really ticked off so i started to make a thread about people who you have a deep or strong dislike for that is not on serebiiforums. you just post their names and then the reason(optional) if you want. I'll go first. Name: Mat (nickname) Reason: he is so fricken annoying, nobody...
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    Help Peoplz

    Hey peolpz, It's me again. hey could you rate my team Ninjask Item @Focus Sash Nature: Admadant Ability: Speed Boost Moves: Sowords Dance Double Team Baton Pass U-turn Garchomp @Focus Band Nature: Docile Ability:Sand Veil Moves: Brick Break Flamethrower Dragon Rush...
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    Help me!!!

    Hey on the edit sig thing at the bottom it says i can't put a image on my sig. How do i do it if it won't let me?
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    Gamestop Tourny

    Hay i know it's kinda late to mention the tourney but how many of you people feel that people won because they used hacks. This guy used a darkrai against me and kept on useing dark void and lost.
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    Help you people, plz?

    how do you get images on your sig?
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    I have a Question

    I don't get how people tell evs and ivs or whatever can somebody tell me?