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    YGO Adv: Strike of Neos!

    Yes, a ! to prevent lawsuits. http://i25.*******.com/dwt5ds.png Competing with Ultimate Nagash I guess. Edit: Fusion deck is all the Neos Fusion in WC08.
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    YGO FAQ Station

    Just to save forum space, post all of your Yu-Gi-Oh CG questions here.
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    YGO Adv: Don't Reason with Dark Gaia!

    I messed around a Sky Scourge Deck Reasoning in WC2008 (Failed) And I thought of Dark Calling and made a Dark Gaia Deck. I'll be making a list soon.
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    YGO Adv: Raida Deck

    Raida is Light and Darkness Dragon BTW. The main strategy is dump and special summon to summon the big guys. So mainly my Samurai's weakness. Any suggestions?
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    YGO: My Personal Deck

    I have a deck name and still obssesed with Samurais! Any movements from sides to main? More Samurai / Support?
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    YGO - Team Dueling Official?

    Believe it, I think this wasn't posted yet. Confusion ends and fun (?) begins! Found during random searching (Wow >.<): Rules.
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    Lucky (Star) Shine - Lucky Star AMV

    Title: Lucky (Star) Shine Edited by: Midnite Song: Love Love Shine by Riyu Kosaka Anime: Lucky Star Video Link: Video Google Download Link: If Requested I finished this a while back actually, I just tried to fix the quality. It took me a while to finish this actually. (7 weeks >.<)...
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    Stealing Trainer's Items

    I've been using my coveting Vigoroth for a while and I'm wondering if there's any other trainers that have held Pokemon items? I know the following: o Island 1 Black Belts gives Black Belts. o Island 5 (Lady Selphy's Island) "Rich People" gives Stardust. Also can you steal from the...
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    YGO: I got Ocean and Scans!

    D00pid forum lag! Got my Shonen Jump in Gamestop today, here are my crappy scan attempts :D Look for this SJ cover if you want to buy! Force of the Breaker Promo - Phrase of the Pack, "Can you handle the Heat?" FOTB Sneak Peek and New SP Card! Champion Pack 3 Sneak Peek - Snipy's a Super...
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    YGO COTD 4/24/07: Pulling the Rug

    I got 4 of these, so let's review it. Today's card is... Versus Gadget, Banned Breaker, Monarch, and other stuff I can't think of. TRAD: 1.5/5 (SS is more popular) ADV: 3.5/5 (Monarch rampage) ART: 3/5 (A rug being pulled *suspects someone*)
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    Midnite's Shining Crystal Beasts

    Yes, I did play test it using proxy (paper with card names) It... beated my WarMaster deck >.< Inspired by a 1st place winner from 44th OCG Frontier Cup modified for 3/1 list. Card info's here: Shriek's OCG Site R/F feel free I'm proxying :D
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    YGO COTD 4/20/07: E-Hero Ocean

    Why don't you answer me Ocean?! Today's card is... Skyscraper 2 + Ocean = Free Defense and Hand advantage each turn. Also searchable by Mother Grizzly and Stratos :D Trad: 1.5/5 (Yuck) Adv: 3.5/5 (Hero deck obviously >.<) Art: 4/5 (Warrior of Atlantis of FOTB is a rip-off)
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    YGO: E-Hero Stratos Question

    I'm wondering, can Stratos fetch "Dark Hero - Zombyra"? (To TCG users, "Zombyra the Dark") Thus the Japanese Stratos says it can fetch a [HERO] monster while the TCG says only [D-Hero] or [E-Hero].
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    Rockman.EXE Stream Fan-Opening

    Title: Rockman.EXE Stream Fan-Opening Author: Midnite Song: Ready Go! by ? (Any one want to tell me?) AKA Pokemon Opening 5 Time: 1 min 27 sec Anime: Rockman.EXE Stream, Beast (ssh...), EXE Movie Spoilers: Stream, the series after Axess Description: Fan-Opening...much said. Links: Video...
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    YGO COTD 4/10/07: Snatch Steal

    Many hated this card came back, few was happy, today's card is... "This card is only cheap with skill..." End wise comment. Trad: 4/5 (Staple, although removal here makes it weaker) Adv: 4.5/5 (Bam! Staple, as my alter ego said, "Cheap with skill..." Um, right...) Art: 4.5/5 (Red Guy...
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    Death Note AMV - The Last Pieces - L Tribute

    Title: The Last Pieces - L Tribute Author: Midnite (I wonder who's this guy?) Song: Pieces by Sum 41 (Shortened) Time: 1 min 46 sec Anime: Death Note Spoilers: MAJOR Description: L's one of my fav characters, and his tragic conclusion took me to do this. Links: Video Google - Synch is a...
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    YGO COTD 4/9/07: Demise, King of Armageddon

    Weekend's over guys, today's card of the day is... This card was awesome, but the ritual part killed it :( ..... Then Advanced Ritual Technique came out, then it became an OTK with insects. Also: Trad: 2/5 (Ritual, bleh :p, CED-EotE's better) Adv: 4/5 (With ART of course) Art...
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    Toonami Jetstream gives a Sneak Preview of Pokemon D/P!

    Toonami Jetstream - Dead, video's no longer here, please check the Video Google one. Video Google - Thanks PM for uploading it! A 3-Minute Preview of Pokemon D/P on TJ. And let me tell you this, Enjoy. :) WARNING: Watch before April 16, 2007. If after, it's already deleted.
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    COTD 4/5/07: Snipe Hunter

    Since no one else is doing it...today's COTD is Snipe Hunter! Personally this is one of my favorite cards and saved me in games too. Been in my main deck since.(Back then my friends thought this was banned >.<) o Pros: Discard 1 card 2/3 chance of hitting/destroying the card...
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    YGO Adv: Midnite's Jurrasic Park

    I made this using my leftover cards not in my main deck. And yes, it IS a dinosaur deck. Rate, and Fix if I have the cards.